Negative Experience Ordering a phone , being delayed and delayed and delayed


Cyborg Agent
I have purchased things from eBay, flipkart and even shopclues but worst experience was with snapdeal, I wish I had seen seen previous threads here. Now I have cancelled order and huge money has stuck with them, I hope I get refund soon.

So making it short, I ordered a costly phone , excited, they already gave 4 days dispatch time, alright no problem, so at max, in 6-7 days , I will have my phone.. but on 4th day evening, says it will take another 4 days.. bfore that in morning, had sent them mail that if product delays more then cancel it as then I will look for something else..

So, 7 days to dispatch product, it means they never have stock, they order from their supplier when they actually get order from customer.. poor practice..

Infact I am so disappointed and lost all excitement, I am not going to buy this phone, will wait for some time.. Seriously, if you really need something then buy from market, pay extra 2000-3000 but stay clear from SD ..
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