1. arnabbiswasalsodeep

    Chit Chat? With DC++

    I have shifted my home and need a new internet connection I have just moved 200m away from the original home and my old ISP won't extend internet cable just for me I live in Parel and my old ISP was preeti net aka d-net or Denis net(old name) In my area, Chit Chat is very famous and the deals...
  2. akhilc47

    Help needed for noob :(

    Hi frnds, I am very noobish in network stuffs. So please pardon me if this is a dumb query. I have a internet via LAN in my campus. They gave me the proxy addresses port etc. which I successfully set up in firefox.Also a username and password. I am able to browse but I cant connect any other...
  3. S

    DC++ not working

    Hello All, I have just purchased Dlink DIR 600 wireless router and has configured the same. I use local cable new. Though net working fine but now DC++ not working. I have heard about Port forwarding and has also tried the same, but issue not solved. Please help me configuring...
  4. codred

    STRONG DC++ SETUP Guidance... Anyone..!!!

    hi people, i need little help here regarding setting up my Strong DC++... i have already installed SDC++ and have done with few settings like setting up "sharing folder" for more than 25GB [i pressume thatz the min. GB we need to share right!!]... now plz let me know how can i select the...
  5. P

    LInux DC++ crash problem!!!!!!!!

    I use Ubuntu Hardy ........when I start linux DC++ , the software starts fine and works nicely for a minute or so but automatically closes after that. It used to work nicely until few days back I even tried it reinstallig it but no avail !!!!!!! PLZ tell me what to do???
  6. J

    DC ++

    well me n my frnd use bsnl broadband n airtel internet services respectively... v both have dynamic IP'z n v want2 connect usin DC++ but frm wat i have heard...people connected 2 da LAN based internet service{eg:sify} can access DC++ n share stuff....n people who r usin other net services cant...
  7. R

    Hacking DC++ to overcome share restrictions

    I have written this tutorial for overcoming share restrictions on DC++. Find the original content at http://zone404.blogspot.com/
  8. L

    DC++, stopping an user from connecting?

    Hi, In DC++, how can I stop a particular user from connecting to me temporarily or permanently? legolas.
  9. Dipen01

    !! DC++ doubt, Urgent

    Hey guys, One of my friends is in Mumbai (GKP) using genstar (local cable) cable internet.. I guess Genstar has its own HUB for DC++. Is there any chance if i connect wid that friend thru DC++..well i know the speed would be very less due to Internet and not Intranet..!! But atleast by any...
  10. deadpulse

    Setting DC++ HUb

    Hello, I want to setup DC++ LAN network on my ISP can anyone help to do that? Or provide me links where i can get the information about it. I have seen in Thane and Mulund that such networks are available so I am also planning to set it up so downloads will go faster and bandwidth will be...
  11. hpotter606

    Do anybody know about DC++ ?

    Hi Can anybody here tell me how to use DC++ ? It is an open-source, peer-to-peer file-sharing client that can be used to connect to the Direct Connect network. Has anybody heard about it?
  12. M

    prob in sharing files on net....

    hi all two comps at my place are connected to the same hub.ping is working fine bet them. but when i try to access the shared files of the other comp it asks me for the password even though there's none. both have win xp+sp2. avast+ spybot. windows internal firewall disabled ips are...
  13. mario_pant

    wuts the use of DC++ ?

    u know i hear a lot about DC++ nowadays.... can someone explain how it is nice or somthing.... is it related to IRC or something..... please tell me... i also tried downloading it but cudn't get any use of it.....
  14. Ethan_Hunt

    MTNL Triband Lan Sharing

    Well now since i recently sprung out a curiosity for Lan Sharing Via Private Hubs.The main question out here,Is there anyone in Mumbai area having the same ISP and possibly have Private Hubs created for sharing Lan resources? If so then i wanted to know of some specific IP address(If anyone is...
  15. L

    ethernet modem pls help.

    hi, i jut now changed my usb modem 2 an ethernet modem... and now i am not able 2 connect to any hubs in DC++ as an active user.. i specify the external IP in the ip column and the ports are not getting open. how do i do that? i mean how do i forward a port to an internal IP? i dont have...
  16. J

    help needed in p2p programs

    :D hi i am using a local internet cable connection. my isp has recently employed a proxy server n eversince i am unable to run p2p softwares such as warez and dc++ i m using bittorrent which is working fine in which i specified the proxy type: http1.1 proxyserver:
  17. S

    Voice over LAN ...!!!

    hey, does nebody knw name of the software which can be used to voice chat in a LAN like DC++ is used for FIle transfers over the LAN ...!! Plz suggest names of some software ...!!
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