1. K

    [For Sale] Dewlance® 2G/3G USB Modem Datacard - Rs.1199 -Plug & Play + WiFi Hotspot -Support all GSM + Sealed

    Hello, Dewlance® 2G/3G WiFi USB Modem Datacard. 1 Year warranty is included. Price: Rs.1199 - Free Shipping all over India. Frequency: (Support 2G/3G - Any GSM Sim Card) - EDGE, GPRS, GSM 900/1800MHz HSUPA, HSDPA, UMTS 2100MHz LED indicating: HSUPA/HSDPA Supported OS: Windows 2000, Vista...
  2. R

    Router that support Huawei E3531s datacard

    Guys please suggest me router which support my Huawei E3531s Datacard. I selected TPlink MR3020 router but it doesn't support my Datacard.TPLink Customer care said that there router does not support unlock Datacard.
  3. C

    Need wifi @ home using the datacard

    Hi guys, Need your help to know if I can setup wifi at home using the datacard. I have a reliance netconnect datacard which gives a good 80% network support at home. now want it to convert to a wifi to use anywhere in home. is it possible? what is required to make it happen if possible.
  4. Skyh3ck

    [For Sale] Huawei E3121 HSPA USB Datacard

    1. *Model number and details: Huawei E3121 HSPA USB Datacard 2. *Date of purchase: Snapdeal - 9 September 2013 3. Reason for sale:now i have broadband connection 4. Warranty details: one year from date of purchase 5. *Expected Price: Rs 1000 6. *Location of Seller: Mumbai 7. *Pictures along...
  5. Jim Kirk

    Suggest me a good datacard ?

    Hello, I want to buy a new datacard for fast internet. i am going through various cards but don't have much idea about them. My internet usage is around 5 gb per month. M not going into intense downloading, just fast surfing and little downloads. Some youtube, little bit of torrents. I m...
  6. U

    Internet from datacard doesn't work when LAN is enabled

    I am unsure if this is a hardware problem or software. I am assuming it's a software based problem and so I am posting it here. I have a Huawei E303C datacard with a Docomo3G connection. When I insert the datacard to the system and connect successfully, internet works fine and I can browse...
  7. K

    suggest me good datacard that works with sim(unlocked 3g datacard)...

    Currently i am using reliance netconnect+,whereever i go m getting worst network n i thought to go for airtel datacard(only coz it gives good signals),bt m not knowing even airtel gives good signals? Finally i decided to purchase datacard for my laptop that works wid SIM,so that...
  8. C

    Lava W150 Mifi + Airtel 3G Dongle

    I got a new Lava W150 Mifi (portable Wifi Router) Lava W150 - YouTube But unable to connect with my Airtel 3G dongle. I get the router console at and both the wifi signal & 3g signals are excellent. Still the internet never works. Some google result said to do the below steps...
  9. ©mß

    Suggest new datacard.

    As mblaze has stopped its service in Haryana, I want a new data card. So,suggest me which has high speed like mblaze(I really loved it) and also tell if it requires to insert SIM(like Vodafone) to use it or just simply plug and play. Need fast speed mainly.
  10. ©mß

    Mblaze stopped in Haryana.

    Today, I went to Mblaze's website to check plans.There I chose Haryana for circle but it gave a message that Supreme Court has stopped the service in Haryana. I chatted them online and they said the same. This showed at the website MTS India - MTS MBlaze, MTS CDMA India, MTS MBrowse, MTS...
  11. ©mß

    Can I connect datacard to a router & use Wi-Fi?

    I want to know if I can connect my MTS datacard to a router and use Wi-Fi?
  12. Chetan1991

    Any method to apply datacard tarrifs on unlocked cards / mobiles?

    As you all know datacard tarrifs are much cheaper than ordinary sim tarrifs. e.g. here in himachal idea offers 1gb 3g plan for Rs. 350 whereas there are netsetter card plans like 2gb 3g for just Rs 100. Is there any way to use these plans without buying locked data cards?? Also is there a...
  13. R

    Which datacard to buy under 2K

    I am going to buy a datacard for myself but i am confused about which datacard to buy,after a bit googling i came across 2 datacards (My Budget is under 2K and these are the best ones under 2K) 1.Huawei E303C 2.Micromax MMX 353g But i am not able to decide which datacard to buy,some...
  14. M

    Can I use any other Sim in Airtel 3G Model (datacard)

    I have an Huwai 3 G Modem (for Airtel). I am using Airtel 3G plan with this. Can I use some other sim in this and use the internet. Can anybody tell me how to do this?
  15. Anand_Tux

    Micromax Funbook problems

    Hello friends, I have bought the funbook today but unfortunately it is not recognised whenever I connect to my pc. It also hangs when I connect my airtel 3G datacard, please help me friends :cry:
  16. J

    Best datacard service in Delhi/NCR

    hello friends, I want to buy a datacard fr using in Delhi/NCR. I dont have much knowledge about these. can anyone tell me which datacard is good fr service and better plans.nd what about BSNL evodo in delhi ?? any idea? Tnx in advnce .
  17. U

    [Want to Buy] MTNL 3G DataCard from Mumbai

    I want the Rs.4500 Plan on an MTNL 3G DataCard. I'm from Bangalore so I can't get it. If someone has one he/she wants to sell or is willing to buy one for me. Please quote your price.
  18. bajaj151

    BSNL Micromax datacard not working !!

    Data card: BSNL Micromax OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit Problem: Micromax.exe not working Laptop: Sony Vaio E Series - Tried "Run as administrator" - Uninstalled software using Revo Uninstaller...Installed again - Scanned whole computer using KIS (updated) virus - Other softwares .exe...
  19. MatchBoxx

    ** All USB EVDO/HSDPA (3.5G) data cards or modems queries here **

    Moderator edit: I've created a general thread for Datacard queries. Instead of using the word 3G, it is better to use UMTS/HSDPA for GSM and EVDO for CDMA. 3G is a generic term which comprises of 3rd generation technologies. Better to be specific. -- Hi, i need to purchase a USB DataCard to...
  20. mohityadavx

    Steam problem

    Hi! My friend yesterday purchased Call Of Duty - Black Ops . However while buying he didn't noticed that game required steam account. Now he doesn't have internet connection so he managed to get a datacard for sometime but he can't have the datacard every time he wanna play the game to log in...
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