1. anirbandd

    iBasso DX80 DAP - Reviewed

    Introduction: The DX80 is a digital audio player/DAC which fits right into the premium hifi audiophile category. Chinese company iBasso launched the DX80 as its flagship digital audio player [DAP] at the end of 2015, over their erstwhile DAPs: DX50, DX90, and DX100. Since then it has...
  2. ithehappy

    How to download this file/s via IDM?

    IDM downloads almost anything but I can't get m head around this, I copy the address into IDM but it can't download the image, or any image from the same site...
  3. M

    FYI – SPEEDbit has a new version of DAP

    FYI – SPEEDbit has a new version of DAP (Download Accelerator Plus 10) and to promote it they offer the users 40% discount for the premium package. The sale is only until June 11 so hurry up . Of course they still have the Free pack as well. Buy DAP (Download Accelerator Plus), get faster...
  4. M

    guide me to config RS(downloads) with DAP Premium

    dear friends and experts, please guide me to config my RapidSshare account with DAP Premium. that, i am using Firefox 3 as my browser.i have installed the DAP Premium day before yesterday. as i am a premium member of RS, i would like to config thses both. coz, last 3 days i am really geting...
  5. M

    how can I integrate DAP with firefox and safari web browsers?

    hello guys I have come through with one problem. i.e. I have doenloaded DAP 9 but it is not working with firefox and safari web browsers. So, how can I use the DAP with these browsers? I'm waiting your fast reply. Thank you in advance.
  6. rohitshubham

    download accelerator prob

    i today downloaded download accelerator plus latest version form download.com when i opened an download on the Mozilla the DAP(download accelerator plus) didn't activated and i have to ultimately download the files from the Mozilla though dap was running in the background and also there was an...
  7. Gigacore

    DAP 8.6 Released!

    SpeedBit is proud to announce the new Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) 8.6. DAP 8.6 includes newly designed search tab to easily browse for downloads and maximize DAP download features, more security checks for download sites and files and more! Upgrade to DAP 8.6 Now - Absolutely Free...
  8. H

    Problem with DAP

    I am using windows XP with SP2 installed Recently i hav installed DAP ver8.0 and when i open it it gives me an error message that "Download accerlerator has encountered a serious problem and needs to close" Plz help me
  9. dashang

    need help for downloading images

    I want to download images from image uploading site . Suppose i have posted a 7 to 8 pics of me and my friends and i want to download it, i cant click 1 by 1 image and download it. i want to download all together like DAP does . But DAP and regular download fails to download...
  10. dashang

    Need help for downloading

    Guys can you tell me how can i download files from www.rapidshare.com by DAP. whenever i click download regular download window comes. please help me
  11. Kiran.dks

    UPDATE: Download Accelerator Plus 8.1 released <Download Free version here>

    Download Accelerator Plus 8.1 Popular Free Download Manager Manufacturer's Description: DAP will accelerate your download by finding the fastest sources (websites) for the file you want, then splitting the file into several pieces & downloading them at the same time, making the...
  12. 24online

    How to Block Ads in DAP ?

    can anyone know how to block ads in dap (Download Accelerator Plus).. dont want to buy !!! i uses flashget and IDM, but dap is best, as i tested on my net. also if anybody have premium dap, pls. PM... :p
  13. gofeddy

    download managers

    guys, i wanted to know which is the best download manager in terms of downloading speed. right now i use dap. shall i continue with it or is there anything better than this?
  14. Anindya


    Can anyone tell me what is DAP and how can it increase speed of the net connection?
  15. S

    downloading goole video

    i found this video about php security in google *video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5159636580663884360&q=label%3Awebdev but as my connection are not good i want to download this video with some download resume manager like dap rather than buffering and watching it but i didnt any way...
  16. I

    DAP or ReGet

    which one is better download manager - reget or dap ? i'm currently using reget but not able to find any major difference. guys suggest. i would appreciate if u share your knowledge with me.
  17. gaurav21r

    Showdown @ Download St.

    Herz something... Which download utility (yea.. not those p2p softwares) do you think is the best today? I am currently using Download Accelerator Plus (DAP), and had been using GoZilla! DAP certainly scores higher than GoZilla! So what do you guys think??
  18. aryayush

    Help me with FlashGet, please!

    Hello! I recently downloaded FlashGet after reading many opinions that it is faster then DAP Premium and also integrates into Opera and can download from RapidShare. Well, none of these is happening. It is not only slower than DAP, it stops downloading files. ATM, DAP is downloading iTunesSetup...
  19. Choto Cheeta

    DAP 8 is here

    well the so called most popular download manager... is here with its new version... they say its good... yes may be their engine is good.... but personaly i liked the 7.4 interface... as i found the DAP utility bar in the DAP main windows is very use full which is missing here in the v8...
  20. Kniwor

    Wonderful download manager....

    I had been using DAP (Download Accelerator Plus) since a long time when someone suggested me to use IDM.... Internet Download Manager.... It's barely a week and .......and i fell in love with it...... in the begining it looked just like ordinary download manager with even less features than...
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