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  1. vickybat

    Odisha to be hit by super-cyclone "Phailin"

    Coastal Odisha and Andhra Pradesh are in deep threat from a super cyclone named "Phailin". The cyclone is currently 650km away from paradip coast and is intensifying into a super cyclone, similar to one that hit Odisha back in 1999. Indian Meteorological Deapartment (IMD) has predicted the...
  2. veera_champ

    A good mobo for amd fx8150

    help me to choose a MOBO for my AMD FX 8150 cpu MSI 6850 cyclone GPU corsair vengence 16 gb ram corsair hx 650 PSU
  3. jackal_79

    Guidance for new UPS

    Hi, I have just finalized my list for a PC.Need suggestions for a good UPS.My Config: CPU: Intel i5-2400 MoBo: Intel DH67CL B3 GPU: MSI R6850 Cyclone HD: Seagate 1 TB (ST1000DM003) + Seagate 500 GB (existing) PSU: Corsair VX450
  4. R

    GTA IV on msi r6850 cyclone pe/oc

    Friends soon I am going to upgrade my system with msi r6850 cyclone pe/oc and the purpose of this upgrade is purely GAMING! And to be precise I want to play GTA IV and Saint rows the third at max settings at 1400x900 resolution. Now I want to know wheather It would be possible to max out the...
  5. T

    MSI Cyclone 6850 PE/OC

    I need to buy MSI Cyclone 6850 PE/OC as soon as possible. The problem is, I couldn't find this card in stock at SMC and Cost to Cost. Any idea from where I could get this card? Thanks!
  6. S

    price of MSI GTX460 Cyclone 1GB/2GB DDR5 in kolkata

    does anyone know the latest price of MSI GTX460 Cyclone DDR5 1GB/2GB in kolkata?
  7. Cool Comps

    mSi HD 6850 vs Sapphire HD 6850 vs mSi GTX 460 1 gb Cyclone

    Can you please tell me which of the 3 cards is best for gaming and for overall use... (mSi HD 6850 vs Sapphire HD 6850 vs mSi GTX 460 1 gb Cyclone) Please include the latest price ( in Kolkata if possible) I went through some recent reviews and benchmarks suggest that the GTX 460 1 gb...
  8. Jaskanwar Singh

    MSI N550GTX-Ti Cyclone II 1GD5/OC

    MSI N550GTX-Ti Cyclone II 1GD5/OC--Free shipping so i hope 6790 will be also around this.
  9. Disc_Junkie

    23 dead, 1 lakh affected as Cyclone Aila hits Bengal

    KOLKATA/BHUBANESHWAR: At least 23 people were killed and more than a lakh were hit as a cyclone spawned by a deep depression in the Bay of Bengal pounded large parts of West Bengal and coastal Orissa leaving a trail of devastation and crippling normal life in the two states. However, the...
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