1. Zangetsu

    RIP CyanogenMod, Welcome LineageOS

    Cyanogen Inc shutting down CyanogenMod nightly builds and other services, CM will live on as Lineage Source: Cyanogen Inc shutting down CyanogenMod nightly builds and other services, CM will live on as Lineage [Updated] Cyanogen services shutting down
  2. E

    Android OS using too much mobile data!!!

    I use a postpaid Internet connection strictly for whatsapp. My Internet pack is limited and so I've kept the mobile data meter on. When I pull dow ln quick settings to check my data usage it shows that very little data has been used(4.06mb) but then when I look at the detailed data usage it...
  3. E

    Cyanogen mod 12.1 on Moto e 2015 3g

    Hi Could someone please give me a step by step tutorial on installing Cyanogenmod 12.1 on my moto e 2015 3g variant. Ive already rooted and installed TWRP on my phone. I don't have the download links to Cyanogenmod either. All responses are appreciated, Thanks in advance
  4. izzikio_rage

    Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 - best ROM

    Hi everyone have an old galaxy S3 that I still love despite all the new stuff that's come out (cough... expandable memory... cough zero lemon battery.. ). Was trying to figure out the best ROM for this to get the best and most fluid experience. Am currently on Cyanogenmod 11 M12 (the last...
  5. A

    Difference between Cyanogen OS and Cyanogenmod

    Please explain me... I dont know...
  6. tkin

    One Plus One without official CyanogenMod OS: POLL

    Hey guys, Hope all of you are aware of this: The OnePlus One will ship without Cyanogenmod in India What it means? 1. The phone will come with CyanogenMod OS initially but no updates, they will be blocked by IMEI. If there is a bug then you have to go and flash a custom OS and get support from...
  7. amjath

    Cyanogen turns down Google’s acquisition attempt

    Is Google scared of Amazon? Do you think CM will accept Amazon offer IF Amazon proposes. I guess not
  8. Nerevarine

    Download from Uploaded and Deposit files

    Are these two websites blocked in India? I cant access them.. I need to download the FXP Cyanogenmod ROMS that are uploaded officially to these two websites only.. Any help please ? I tried TOR, it fails when I click Download after waiting 60 secs.. CyanogenMod 11.0 - FreeXperia Project
  9. powerhoney

    CyanogenMod Installer removed from Google Play

    Source:CyanogenMod Installer removed from Google Play God!!! When did Google start acting like Microsoft and Apple!!! That was totally uncalled for... :-x:-x:-x Next thing you know, they'll even lock the bootloaders of the Moto Gs by the time they reach this Country!!! :-x
  10. RohanM

    CyanogenMod 10.1.3 stable builds now rolling out

    CM stable users, it's time to update your ROM – the final build of 10.1.3 is rolling out to right now. We saw the last version bump to the stable channel back in July with 10.1.2, and this update brings about "numerous bug fixes, new devices, and privacy guard" according to Cyanogen Inc...
  11. amjath

    OppO N1 - Innovation strikes

    Source * * PS: That OS customisation and that smooth is a big yes
  12. amjath

    Cyanogenmod Inc.

    Introducing Cyanogen Inc., a company fully dedicated to the development of CyanogenMod (& a new user-friendly installer) Introducing Cyanogen Inc., a company fully dedicated to the development of CyanogenMod (& a new user-friendly installer) In about 24 hours of the announcement, this happened...
  13. P

    Need a new mobile under 15k

    Hello friends, I need to buy a new mobile phone between 10k to 15k. I have read the forums thoroughly but I have a different kind of question which is not exactly covered here. I don't care about the OS. I am a full time linux user on the PC. Therefore, I like to tinker. So, I was searching...
  14. Neo

    Cyanogenmod 10 Preview

    Cyanogenmod 10 Preview CyanogenMod is one of the most popular aftermarket firmware out there, and the latest version is based on Android Jelly Bean (4.1). There are a plethora of features and goodies on CM10 which cannot be found at stock level on Jelly Bean. My phone (LGP500) recently got...
  15. R

    cyanogenmod on s2

    Can any1 give me a guide on how to root and install cyanogenmod Rom on my galaxy s2. Can i backup apps and continue progress from where i last stopped? I understand the risks of rooting but battery life sucks. So please suggest an alternative to cyanogenmod for better battery life.
  16. rakeshishere

    [For Sale] Samsung Galaxy GT I5510 (Galaxy 551)

    For Sale 1. Model number and details: Samsung Galaxy GT I5510 (Galaxy 551) 2. Date of purchase: 1st February 2011 3. Reason for sale: Need cash 4. Warranty details: NA (14months old) 5. Expected Price: Rs. 6000 6. Location of Seller: Bangalore 7. Payment Method: Cash/Net banking. 8. Freebies...
  17. S

    CyanogenMod Goes Black In Protest Of SOPA

    Just like Google and Wikipedia, it seems the CyanogenMod team are taking the SOPA thing to heart by blacking out their own site in protest of SOPA.
  18. socrates

    Cyanogenmod releases first Android for TouchPad edition

    Advises you to "lower your expectations" :D Cyanogenmod, the modding community working on a port of Android for the orphaned HP TouchPad, has released its first round of software for that tablet. As you might expect with a name like "Lower your expectations", the Android Honeycomb software...
  19. socrates

    CyanogenMod 7.1 released, now supports 68 devices!

    One of the most famous custom ROMs in the Android modding community, CyanogenMod version 7.1 has finally been released. CyanogenMod 7.1 released, now supports 68 devices!
  20. noobdroid

    The LG Optimus One Thread

    THE LEGEND LIVES Android Kitkat based ROM: Cyanogenmod 11.0 RC13 (only flashable using latest recovery) CyanogenMod 11.0 [OS2SD] (flash OS to SD card instead of internal memory) Paranoid Android 4.4 Android-L Themed Omega ROM Android Lollipop based ROM: Cyanogenmod 12.0 PS: Lollipop...
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