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  1. saz

    Dying hard disks...Both internal and external

    Hi, I am facing a strange problem...I initially had 3 HDDs (1 WD and 2 Segate) and 1 SSD. But recently both the Segate HDDs have failed. One of them is not even detected where as the other one is giving S.M.A.R.T error in bios while booting. Apart from these I had two external HDDs, now...
  2. T

    StarCraft 2 Playing Issue

    My Config is in my Sig. I play at Res. 1400x900 with all Settings "Ultra" in Campaign Modes (I dont play Multi) While playing sometimes the Frame Rate really drops at some Places to halt. I want to know what is the Culprit. GTS 250 + C2DE7x Must be able to Run it at ultra with mere...
  3. ax3

    Enter the Virus ! ! !

    Virus the main culprit ....... i have exp many through them ..... whot abt u ?
  4. stellar

    Router Firewall

    I can't log into some sites which have image verification. I have a ADSL line and i think after installing the DSL the problem occurred. Even if i type the correct text from the image it still invalids it. Is it the Firewall which has been blocking. I'm using KIS 2009 and don't think it's the...
  5. T

    Asus M2N MX SE

    Is this Mobo has issues with Linux? No distro seem to detect the onboard high defination Audio. So no Sound. Some distros which supposed to detect My Graphics Card 8600 GT doesnt detect it all and some [7.04 & Mandriva08] Tell me that it is some other card [8800] 8600 GT is supported on...
  6. sujeet2555

    nokia 6600

    i have nokia 6600 with 256mb mmc card.when i installed a program,it says to rplace the version.i insllaed the software.but after that all the phone icons was gone and it give me system error when openinig any programs.i know it the card that is the culprit. but is there any way that i can repair...
  7. Digit_Dragon

    Is Taj Mahal White or Yellow.

    Pollution is the culprit...at last culprit is we all.... Hope because of this let it not lose its candidature for The world Wonders...... http://www.newindpress.com/NewsItems.asp?ID=IEH20070515050704&Title=Top+Stories&Topic=0&
  8. saikibryan

    who is da culprit???

    i'm stating a problem what my friend is facing now... he was using his machine...like casual web browsing, media player, download thru torrent... suddenly his monitor went blank, hdd led pc power led was not lit by then, no sounds of cpu fans... upon removing one side of cabinet, no sign of...
  9. M

    smps settings

    i having a prob....for which i thought my mobo was the culprit...but changing it thrice the prob remains as same.....now ppl saying that smps is the culprit.......... here r the settings of my smps...... d/c op:::350 W i/p 100-120v /7A 50-60hz 200-240v/3.5 a...
  10. I

    PC issues

    Well my config is in my signature. I am running Windows XP with SP2. My PC is not connected to the net. I ran Sandra and tested all the benchmarks. Also ram 3DMARK 03 and it runs fine. MBM 5 shows the temps below 55 degrees for the CPU and around 30 for the mobo. Now heres the issue. I run NFSU2...
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