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  1. Radhesh Bhoot

    BIOS and Windows RAM Speed not matching

    Hello Friends, MY Config CPU - C2D E6750 2.66GHz MB- Intel DG41W RAM - Corsair 4GBx1 DDR3 1600MHz OS - Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit I am facing a weird problem, i have recently changed my Motherboard and Ram as my old mb and ram was having certain issues. The problem here i am facing is...
  2. anirbandd

    Intel HD graphics 1000 on Core i5-2400 sandy bridge

    my proccy should have intel HD 2000 graphics... but the CPUZ shows me its a 1000 series.. why is this so??
  3. dibya_kol

    why does my i5 2500k processor shows hd 2000 as in cpuz?

    tried 2-3 vr of cpuz but they are all showing the same !!
  4. piedpiper

    50k BABY here finally!!!

    Well its here, most of them. Graphic card and the monitor is on its way. HERE!! Hope the cable management is okay. Please suggest if it needs more twists and ties. My oldie monitor Now like most of new computers its has some b*tch, Its as follows 1.Bios Temperature...
  5. D

    AMD Phenom II unlocking issues

    hi, i got myself a phenome x2 555be with biostar TA790GXE128M. stock cpuz reported normal cpu details after unlocking the third core cpuz shows the cpu as amd athlon x3 455 whats with the renaming of my cpu.
  6. go4saket

    Whats the speed of my RAM?

    Hi Guys! I have a P4 with 512 MB DDR RAM. As to what I remember, I took a 400 MHz. RAM but when I check the same with CPUZ, it shows both 166 MHz & 200 MHz. Even if I add it, it comes to 366 MHz. How is it actually calculated? Thank you.
  7. ajayashish

    CPUz results... help pls

    this is what CPUz shows... can someone now say how much this can be overclocked and how... is there any software to overclock within windows... also my machine runs almost 18hrs a day and i have a PSU with 250watts...
  8. Q

    Overclock - 2925.9Ghz - AirCon Cooling

    Hi Guys I am really busy these days with my college fest preps and my studies so am hardly getting ne time to post on forums. But wanted to share my overclock with you guys here. Max Settings HTT = 325 HTT Mul = 3 Vcore = 1.60 Ram Divider = 2:3 Ram speed = 2.5-4-4-8-1T...
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