1. Techn0crat

    HCL Busybee GX

    I have recently got my hands on 10-12 old computer.I want to use it(dos programs,old games etc.) I haven't yet opened it, but I tried starting it, & it was beeping continuously. Can you guys tell me where can I get parts for such old computer and where in Mumbai?Even back panel ports are...
  2. khmadhu

    best brand for corei5 laptops

    my friend is going to buy a new laptop,he wants core i5 only. budget is 40K+2k (tolerable). usually for virtual applications like vmware,and browsing,watching movies(HD)..should have good speed for other applications like video converters also. fixed spec: 14 ' screen.(not above this). 4 GB...
  3. confused

    Has anyone used USB to SATA converters??

    URGENT: Has anyone used USB to SATA converters?? Has anyone used USB to SATA converters?? My questions is whether it works properly without giving any errors??? Also how do u protect the exposed harddisk from physical damage??? thanks for reading.
  4. H

    MP3 to AAC Converters...

    Hi, Could you guys please suggest any free mp3 to aac converters which can convert many mp3 files into aac in a batch. Most of the trial softwares i use convert 1 file at a time. Please help.
  5. ~Phenom~

    PS2 Mouse , USB Port Problem...

    Hi Guys, I yesterday recieved a frontech PS2 optical mouse from indiatimes.I bought it to use in my laptop but was not aware that in laptops USB mouse work. Now what to do ???:( I have heard that there are PS2 to USB converters available , but are not very cheap ( people here says Rs. 80...
  6. rakeshishere

    Microsoft Bans Mac Users from Office 2007

    Microsoft Bans Mac Users from Office 2007:) :D SOURCE
  7. A

    Networking Issue

    Networking Issue Didnt know where to post so sorry if its a wrong place I & my friend wants to share my broadband connection. we calculated the CAT5 cable requied about 200 ms n cost upto 2000 Rs its heavy for us plus a hub is required(additional). I have heared about RJ11 to RJ45 &...
  8. chinmay

    All In One Audio Coverter !!!!!!!!

    Hey guys...i own an apple ipod and a creative zen mp3 players. That's why I need an audio converter which could convert my mp3 files to wma and aac and vice versa...i know many converters but all of them could do only 1 thing i.e. either wma or aac....i cant install 2 converters in my pc bcuz...
  9. J

    any pci express converters!!!!!!

    welll, its hardly a month i bought a new pc ......... it has 865g motherboard ......... with agp 8x ........... now the agp has become an outdated stuff ................ the pci express has come in ........ which is more than 4 times faster than an agp 8x ....... the thing is that...
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