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  1. Ronnie012

    Thumbdata 3 eating up all my space

    So my phone was showing space issues and hanging constantly. I tried uninstalling apps and stuff but still the space issue continued. I finally found out that one file is eating up all the space. File is named Thumbdata3 under DCIM folder. It is currently consuming 4.15gb of my...
  2. Ironman

    Is it Possible to Run my Computer with Portable Solar Panels ?

    I am trying to build a new computer , but it suddenly clicked in my mind My Computer generally runs around 12 to 14 hours a day or sometimes more Consuming a lot of electricity What if i can Run it on Solar? is it possible to run My computer on Solar Energy ? if Yes how ?
  3. pulkitpopli2004

    software for web browser dictionary

    hello frndz do you know any software which i can install on IE 6/7 or above or firefox as an addon or extension. so that i can find out the meaning of that word just by highlightin or some other less time consuming method.. Its Urgent.
  4. S

    Urgent Help Required

    Urgent Help Needed Hi fellow g33kz I am Mridul Singhai from Jabalpur, India . I own a Western Digital Elements Portable 160gb External Hard Drive in which i have stored some movies, documents ,gamez and music . I am facing a problem with it that in it, a folder name $RECYCLE.BIN (SIZE 28 GB)...
  5. iMav

    FF3 CPU Usage

    For the past 1 week or so I have been observing that apart from consuming around 110MB RAM, FF3 has also been consuming ~45% CPU resources constantly. It hovers around 45% while browsing. i searched on the internet but couldn't find a solution that helped. Anyone else facing this or has a...
  6. I

    Guidance required..Do read it..

    Hi I want to earn money either by working on net from home or by doing some other less time consuming work or part time work.. Kindly suggest me something..Im willing to work but dont know which way to go. Thanx a lot..
  7. mak1012

    How to make data base for music??????????????????

    hi guys i have more than 10gb of music.....but every time when i want to listen any song itbecomes very hactic and tme consuming job.........i dont wanna use realplayers or any other player coz i dont use only one player.........what to do????????/
  8. S

    Bandwidth without bandwidth

    I've got this wierd problem going on, my network connection's status shows that I am consuming loads of bandwidth (both the lights are always ON). This happens even when I have closed my browser and not downloading anything. I use opera and it is currently showing a constant speed (with just one...
  9. S

    tell a software to make map with clickable areas??

    hi guys 8) i want to use map in my website which should have clickable areas i know that i can do it using only html using map tag but it it very time consuming so help me out ,just give name of software that can do this for me. :roll:
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