1. CommanderShawnzer

    Suggest Me A Game [Console]

    This thread is dedicated to Console games specifically,which are recommended by us forumites You can also suggest multi-platform games that play better on a particular console use this format <Game Name> - (Genre) - (<Year of release>) *format taken from the original "Suggest Me A Game [PC]" By...
  2. theserpent

    In 48 Hours, Entrepreneur Sets up 10-floor Building

    In 48 Hours, Entrepreneur Sets up 10-floor Building Meanwhile in china * There was another hotel in china that was made in 10 days, but no one has ever got a pic of what the hotel looks like inside?
  3. theserpent

    Sky City One: Chinese Company To Construct World's Tallest Building Over 90 Days???

    Well some months earlier they or someother company had made a 15 story bulding in a matter of few days.But no one has pics of the interior of the building According to me its impossible it wont be safe Building a 15 storey hotel in 6 days - YouTube Source:Sky City One: Chinese Company...
  4. nix

    what happens if the outdoor unit of split AC is exposed to too much dust?

    Right behind our house, the construction of a new apartment has just started. They have levelled the land and made a borewell. And thats also where our master bedroom is located. We initially planned to install the AC in the master bedroom, but since the construction will start soon, we were...
  5. Kl@w-24

    My New (Under Construction) Website - Please Review!

    So I've finally got myself a domain name & hosting from Sukhdeep Singh ( and set up a website: * :D It's based on the Azul Wordpress theme, but I have heavily modified the CSS and the images. In fact, the images have been created from the ground up by yours...
  6. Faun

    Possiblt the best under construction page :p

  7. Gigacore

    Metro flyover collapses in Delhi, two feared dead

    NEW DELHI: An under construction metro flyover collapsed near Shakarpur area in New Delhi on Sunday morning. According to police sources, two people are feared dead and several trapped under the debris of the flyover. A part of a metro flyover bridge that was under construction caved in...
  8. H

    Dubai's illegal workers-MUST SEE!!!!

    These are photos which shows the plight of workers smuggled (literally) from INDIA,PAKISTAN,etc to be the workhorses of rich Shieks(Rich a**ho*les) These are real * Ya'll know burj dubai right? the tallest building in dubai...
  9. expertno.1

    i want the best wapsite construction software

    i want the best wapsite construction software suggest and freeware and then after shareware also
  10. D

    Can u tell me about Internal construction of DDR-RAM

    I need a detailed of basic construction and operation of DDR-RAM If you know this plz tell me. If u also have some e-book about hardware plz tell me.
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