1. buddyram

    Sahara to dissociate with BCCI/IPL!!

    Still I have high hopes that the Great BCCI wont learn a lesson from this Source
  2. Rohan_B

    Motorola Defy or HTC Desire

    Hey Guys, I am looking for an Android Phone with Max. Budget 16-17K. My Local Shopkeeper recommended me the HTC Desire( Not the Desire S ). When I went through the forums here I realized that Motorola Defy is an awesome phone worth consideration. My questions are- 1)Which phone has better...
  3. saurabhpatel

    LG GM 200

    My father's friend works in LG. So I might be able to get this phone for as low as 4.5k to 5k. Are there any better options for 5k. Also I currently use my sister's Nokia 5320. So, can i expect a major dip in audio quality. 3G and Smart Phone functionality aren't a consideration (I hardly...
  4. ssk_the_gr8

    which company makes the best laptops?

    ok guys....which company according to u all is the best laptop maker...take into consideration laptops from budget to high end..while voting take into consideration the overall quality ,features ,performance,looks,price etc into consideration .. if u r voting for others plz name the company...
  5. C

    Which Encyclopedia Is Best

    Hi There's are lotssa Encyclopedia(finally spelled right) out there. So wats according to u is the best one. Wikipedia,being free,hs an upperhand 4 sure, but plz vote without price consideration.
  6. I


    hi could someone suggest a good webcam which has higher than 640x480 video resolution, and a built in mic. it would be nice if it could be used as a digital cam also. dont keep price as a consideration cuz i jus wanna see all the available ones before i set a budget for it. thanks!
  7. abhijit_reddevil

    Asus A8N-E Vs. MSI RS480M2-IL

    Taking all factors (price, performance, warranty) into consideration, which one is better and why?
  8. R

    k750i or s700i

    my choice is these two phones.Of the two which is better taking in to consideration the overall picture?
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