1. mandarpalshikar

    My old 6800GT

    Found my old EVGA 6800GT 256MB AGP 8x in some old motherboard box today... 8-) Had bought it for 350 US$ back in 2004. Used it till 2008 when I took sabbatical from Gaming world to concentrate on my professional career. EVGA Product Description
  2. uchiha_madara


    The creator and director of original Devil May Cry is developing a new hack-n-slash game called Bayonetta.The protagonist is a hot chick, a real Hell on Heels :D . If...
  3. vivekrules

    CaNt ConCenTrAtE On My StuDieZ !!

    Hey Hi All .. How U DOIn ? hey help me i am in 12 th science ... but i cant concentrate on my studiez.. i do know why.,... whenever i go to read any subject (chemistry, physicz ) i juz sleep in a movement help me guyz or else i gona be Fail... bye take care !:(
  4. N

    Network Data Transfer

    I have attached many systems through HUB, How can i got the information about each and every computer connected to HUB. if i have access and do not have. maininly concentrate on the internet. what he surf and download in the real time.
  5. godsownman

    Digital Camera.

    I am thinking of purchasing a digital Camera can anybody guide me as to which are the good brands and what are the points to concentrate on when purchasing a camera . What should be the resolution also . Please let me know whatever you feel.
  6. N

    Software Quality Management

    :D Is software quality necessary or not, do you think if not why :oops: As a professional you concentrate on the quality process that lead to good software.
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