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TV Capture Card for Recording from VCR !!

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I need ur help friends

I want to buy a Video Capture Device like Tuners but I want to mainly record from my VCR since I plan to dispose off all my old VHSs but want to save them to my HD before I do so.

I want USB box/card/cord for the same.

I dont want PCI ones.

I mainly need to have strong Composite Input Ports on my capture device so that I can connect my VCR through only Composite ports.

I have Sharp VCR with one Composite Output each for Audio & Video. It is like the ones which are connected by RCA cables.

I want to have same input holders on my capture device.

My budget is around 2500-3500 Rupees

Can anybody suggest me a good buy ?


For the records, any USB tv-tuner would do. The frame rate drops for recording from composite input are negligible. I hope you do know that USB ones are expensive. Compro and Pixelview solutions cost 3.5-4k whereas Pinnacle's usb tvtuner costs 5k. Refer this month's digit for exact prices.
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