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S-Video To composite Cable

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The pWnster
I have a XFX 6600GT card which has a s_video out port. But my TV only has support for composite cables. Is there any adapter through which i can convert the svideo output into composite .

My TV is at a distance abt 6m from my pc . So i'd also like buying a composite cable abt 6m. Where can i find them in chennai


Commander in Chief
yep u get adapters for those :

In chennai - theres only 1 good place for hardware - ritchie street (near casino theatre :lol: )

Edit: is ur problem solved buddie ? plz reply...


In the zone
My SVideo to composite adapter is just a svideo adapter connected to 2 of the pins instead of 4. Since the video signal is the same and just the chroma/luminance is split up. I am not sure if this will work with all devices. My adapter came with the matrox video card.

Just checked and it seems, thats how it is made... and here I thought I had been ripped off :), The adapter uses just a small cap which I guess hides in the wire joint.

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