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  1. Tarun Singh

    Deals and Offers on Domains and Hosting Here

    If you have found an online deal and offer for domain name and hosting,that is running and want to share it then do so in this thread. Give a link (if the link is different from home page ) A brief description (unless it's self explanatory) If it has an expiry date or usage limitation then...
  2. ravi_9793

    Get .com domain for just Rs. 280/- at BigRock

    Just found this great deal. Register new .com domain for just Rs. 280/ (including all taxes) at https://www.bigrock.in Coupon code: BX8U9AFB84D82B
  3. anandharaja

    how much google pay for their adsense?

    hi, i have 2 blogs in .blogspot, when creating the blog not have idea to move .com, but now i feel .com is better than .blogspot, so i plan to ad google adsense in my blogger. how much will google pay (tell in INR), any one using google adsense please guide me.
  4. M

    Suggest a .com domain name for technology blog.

    I want to register a .com domain name which have word like tech, gadgets etc. please suggest the domain names which are available.
  5. U

    A .in or a .com

    Well, I am blogging for quite a few number of months and its time that I decide buy a domain name for my site. Now I am confused in what to buy one, a .in (Indian domain) or a .com? I do get 50 % of my visitors from outside India, and I could have straightaway get a .com domain. But the thing...
  6. @

    Any cheap domain offers ?

    Guys any cheap domain offers going on ? needed a .com domain. Few days ago there was $1 .com domain at Godaddy, are there any similar going on ? thanks in advance :)
  7. S

    Which one is better .co.in or .in?

    I am going to launch a website, both the domains are not in use yet i.e. .co.in and .in but the .com is already occupied. So the choice only are the above both. Which one should is choose, which one is more user friendly?
  8. the.kaushik

    Urgent Help needed | Need help related to Domain Name

    Guys. One of my friend wants to host a one page website. It will just have a address in it and nothing else. He is getting a .COM domain name for 350RS and the question is just for one page does he need to buy a domain space also?
  9. abhi.eternal

    .com or .me?

    i want a TLD for myself. now, i am in a fix that whether should i go for myname.com or myname.me! i initially wanted myname.in but later scrapped the idea as i might move out and then i may want to change the domain, so better make it a permanent one. please advise on what to choose as the rates...
  10. Ishan

    create a .COM file instead of .EXE

    I am using TASM for assembly programming. But with that i can make only .exe files from .ASM files How can i make .COM files... and what is the difference between .COM and .ASM? Please tell me how to create a .COM file...... hey please it's important for me no one knows how to create...
  11. shift


    how to get google.com whenever i type google.com to address bar, i always redirected to google.co.in same with yahoo.com,always goes to in.yahoo.com is there any way to access .com not .co.in ? thanks
  12. ravi_9793

    $6.99 .COM names from Godaddy

    I just want to let know my fellow members about the exclusive offer from Godaddy, world largest domain seller. Register, transfer or renew as many .COM domains as you want for 30% OFF, just $6.99/year! Plus ICANN fee of 20 cents per domain name year. To get your discount, simply enter source...
  13. ravi_9793

    Please suggest me a domain name for wallpapers website

    hello friends......... please suggest me a wallpaper website domain name. Please only suggest .com Thanks in advance.
  14. ravi_9793

    Fast:: Please suggest me a gaming site domain name

    Hi all........ I am planing to start a free flash games site. Please suggest me a domain name...but must be a .com I can use - between the words. Please suggest me fast :)
  15. Manshahia

    Procedure to Start a new Web site

    Hey guys can anyone plz explain me what to do if some one wants to start his website on a domain like .com or .co.in(means to say not like Geocities etc.)
  16. plsoft

    Of exe's n dll's

    Could u guys pls tell me the difference (preferably In terms of their attributes) b/w the following file extentions: 1. .exe & .dll files 2. .exe & .com (not the dot com for URL's) files. Thank u all in advance
  17. S

    Help in DOMAIN PURCHASING ??????

    i have to buy a domain name for my site , just domain name only .. where can i get cheaper with .com domains, if any body there knowing any cheaper rated .com domain providers then please quote me here.!
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