1. Sarang\m/

    The Talos Principle

    As if awakening from a deep sleep, you find yourself in a strange, contradictory world of ancient ruins and advanced technology. Tasked by your creator with solving a series of increasingly complex puzzles, you must decide whether to have faith or to ask the difficult questions: Who are you...
  2. H

    Want some help for event which I am hosting in my college.

    Hey there all, I am 2nd year engineering student. As you all are aware that there are tech-fests organized by colleges every year. So, My college is also. I am from ADIT, Gujarat. I am also going to organize one contest or event during the tech-fest. My contest is similer to the Crack the...
  3. Gollum

    PS4 selling for 34k on Shop Clues.

    Online Sony Playstation 4: Play The Future First Prices - Shopclues India
  4. entrana

    blue screen

    i was just doing something when suddenly this dos type blue screen appeared and my pc restarted. any clues?
  5. entrana

    mobo beeping

    i dont know why but when i play a game after like 15 minutes my mobo starts beeping like (3 short beeps contionusly without pause). when i quit the game it still beeps and when i restart it stops beeping and the process repeats. any clues please?
  6. R

    Cant Access a certain site?

    Hi, Nothing naughty. Just a regular site namely Yes I know that you can all access it. Thats the point. I CANT!! It's NOT the firewall. I am not blocked from the site. I am using Open.DNS so shouldn'y be ISP related. It can only be a small virus prog or a setting...
  7. Jags

    from where 2 buy sata/ide to usb

    hi guys I know that ide to usb OR sata to usb is available in nhru place for rs200-500 BUT from where can i buy this in delhi * any clues guys..coz i have seen this device for the 1st time
  8. bkpeerless

    is ninja gaiden coming on pc

    i was checking the google when i suddenly found some clues of ninja gaiden coming on pc. plz can anyone confirm it
  9. ravidawar

    access denied

    guys wenever i double click on any of my drives..i get a error message ->access denied..then i ve to right click n select the explore option..wat may be the solution to it.. any clues????
  10. dreamcatcher

    Klueless 2 launched by iim

    Hey guys remember last year when this forum was reeking with comments from u guys owing to kluless by iim indore....wee they have started it again...with klueless 2....check it out and post your queries and achievements owing to klueless 2 here.... happy saerching for clues...
  11. forever

    how to trace yahoo id - URGENT

    guys , thers this guy who is troubling me a lot , all i know about him is his yahoo id , is there any way i can know more about him , u know his profile or password , i dont have the slightest of clues , hey if it is illegeal to post then please pm me , it is really urgent , thanks guys ...
  12. M

    The Quest : Game for Fame

    Game intro : A game inspired by the Da Vinci code. A game designed by Rock 'n' Raaji. Name is "The Quest', A chance to show Y360 you are the Best. Play it if you have the zest, Only then you can rest. This game is just a small prototype to see the interest level. A game of...
  13. Prajith

    Oracle debacle

    Hey Guys i want to know if oracle 9i will run on my Win Xp Pro+SP2 rig with the windows firewall turned on cause when i installed it all i got was tns protocol adapter error. Any clues ..... Anybody ..........
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