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  1. maheshn

    Negative Experience Flipkart's "Payzippy" causing severe issues

    Hello all, Sharing today's experience on FK - Have been a FK user from the time they sold only books. Did not have major issues with the site till today.... Was ordering a mobile (On7) for a friend. Opted for online payment, with netbanking. The site redirected me first to a...
  2. anirbandd

    CitiBank Credit Card

    Hi All, So I got my spanking new CitiBank Rewards CC yesterday.. it looks sexy!! :D I have never used CCs before, only debit cards. So i would need some guidance from other CC users on the following: 1. Does the CC use PIN, like debit cards?? my card has a chip on it. 2. Its a VISA...
  3. B

    And not its Citibank - One day sales event! Crazy!

    And not its Citibank - One day sales event! Crazy! I can't believe ipad 3 selling for 20k in this one day sale by citibank! Indian ecommerce market is going crazy I guess :) Check out the one day event here Citibank Mega Sale Today Only 12-Dec-2012 for Citibank Customers! Its ON!!
  4. xtremevicky

    Citibank Gets Hacked, Admits Compromised Data A Month Later

    Citibank has admitted that the personal information of around 200,000 customers has been compromised in an attack that occurred last month. Source - Citibank Gets Hacked, Admits Compromised Data A Month Later [News] Take a note Citibank customers on TDF . Inform your friends , Family.
  5. A

    CitiBank Tap n Pay Service with Nokia 6212c - need suggestion

    Guys go through this link http://www.online.citibank.co.in/mobile/tap.htm and you will get details. Today I was called up by Citibank guys as I got their account and vodafone connection. They are offering nokia 6212c(one of the very few fones which has mobile wallet facility or NFC, one of...
  6. NucleusKore

    Important information for prospective Citibank customers

    I sent a DD to a person to make payment towards a service, using my Citibank online account. The amount gets reflected in my next credit card statement. I was surprised to learn from him that the DD had my credit card number. I contacted the bank for a clarification, here is what they had to say...
  7. shyamno

    How to Encash Adsense Check ??

    How to encash a adsense check ? Do I need a bank account ?? If yes ...then which bank ?? Also how can I encash the check from CitiBank ?? Please reply soon ...
  8. abhijit_reddevil

    Citibank $ucks!

    I previously had a citibank credit card for which I cleared all dues and after that I have not used it since. I am happy with my ICICI bank credit card. It was not that I had any complaints with citibank, only that as I had another card with higher credit limit, I did not use the citibank one...
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