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  1. anarchy0x

    Buying from chor bazaar

    I know that in most cases, you get what you pay for, but I'd still like to know if anyone knows or has experience buying from chor bazar, near Manish market, Marine lines, Mumbai. On Friday ,4 am, it is said that there is huge variety of several things, including computers and other...
  2. ssk_the_gr8

    saali chor!!!

    OE1UuP8vohU lyrics take in the epicness of the song ... many people have seen or faced this "saali chor" phenomenon... so what do you have to say about the phenomena and the epic song ;) ?
  3. sagar.best

    which movie was best in 2008.??

    hello which movie was the best in 2008..?? what do you guyz think....?? i think Dark night was the best.... if you haven't seen it yet just go to a chor market and buy a Rs.20 DVD and watch it....... :D:D lol
  4. krates

    Apple IPHONE Available in delhi chor bazaar for only 8000

    Apple IPHONE Available in delhi chor bazaar for only 8000 /- :D Wow indian are too smart i can say now :D
  5. C


    I got an account on rapidshare but how do I extend it without paying tanx chindi chor...
  6. C

    How to Remove Hide Option Frm Folder Option

    I wnt to Remove tht Box tanxx Chindi Chor !!! Digit Roxxx :lol: 8)
  7. C

    HOW TO SHut DOwn Other SyStemS..ON LAN....

    thatz it...but how... :?: tanxx chindi chor...
  8. C

    I cant Get 8.5GB DVD

    I cant Get 8.5GB DVD ( Empty) in HYD they r Sayin...it is Banned In India...Is it.. :shock: n..whtz the price.. N also.. nero 7 Showin...4489MB...But i hv...4.7 GB...where Is My 211 MB... tanxx Chindi Chor.. :arrow:
  9. C

    How to download online videos

    hey can anyone here tell me the trick or any software by which i can download online videos? The trick using view source i know other than this if u know then pls let me know Thnx Chindi Chor..
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