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  1. coderunknown

    Borderlands 2 Guide (Chest, Loot Midget, Quest Rewards)

    WARNING: Contains major spoiler. Contents: 1. Chest FAQ. 2. Chest Location (with farming route) 3. Hidden Chest screenshots. 4. Loot Midget FAQ. 5. Loot Midget Location (with farming route) 6. Quest Rewards. 7. NON-Quest Rewards.
  2. N

    AVAST antivirus problem!!

    i want to kno whether we shud move the virus to chest or shud we delete it
  3. ashfahan

    Virusremover.vbs help

    HI there, Whenever i put any pen drive on my usb, my avast detect again and again virousremover.vbs file. It is not removed even after moving to chest or deleting it. Help.
  4. sreenisatish

    Where to buy Diablo Battle Chest?

    Where in India can I buy original box pack of Diablo Battle Chest? Online (indian) buying link would be great! I know Amazon has it, but I dont want to go through any customs clearence (if at all) and all.
  5. M

    Viruses: Win32:fujack-K(wrm) & win32 wuke-B

    I scanned my computer with Avast.. It shows me two viruses: 1)The virus Win32:Fujack-K [Wrm]. The files are unable to be repaired in avast. Is there any way out ..? it only moves it to chest and if deleted system componets gets crashed. 2) Second virus it is showing is 'win32:Wuke-B"...
  6. rajivrocks

    Saif Ali Khan suffers a heart attack

    Monday, February 19, 2007 (Mumbai): Actor Saif Ali Khan's condition is stable now but he continues to remain in the ICU in Mumbai's Leelavati hospital. The actor was taken to the hospital on...
  7. P

    Top Movies of 2006

    hey guys post ur favourite movies of 2006... http://www.time.com/time/topten/2006/schickel/01.html my top 10 are 1. Rang De Basanti 2. The Departed 3. Casino Royale 4. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest 5. Don 6. Ice Age: The Meltdown 7. Dhoom 2 8. Khosla Ka Ghosla 9. Lage Raho...
  8. A

    warcraft 3 battle chest

    hi guys, any idea where i can buy warcraft 3 battle chest in chennai.and its pricing?
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