1. Flash

    Tomar clueless on H2O, says 'all chemistry one chemistry'

    Former Delhi law minister Jitender Singh Tomar, whose police custody was on Saturday extended by two days in the fake degree case, tied himself up in knots while parrying basic questions on chemistry, which he claimed to have studied at a college in UP's Faizabad. Tomar appeared clueless when a...
  2. nikhilsharma007nikx

    Reference Books for Class XII CBSE.

    Okay, im in 12th now, so looking for some reference books and books that are having those sample papers and previous year papers as well. I already have ML Khanna IIT maths, but that too high level for school IMO. Suggest me some good books for Boards preps. and reference books for Subjects...
  3. 1

    Scope of chemistry

    Hi everyone i got admsn into Bsc Chemistry from St stephens college, DU wat is its scope if i do Msc and Phd to go into research field. I dont want to go for teaching. Please advice
  4. The Conqueror

    Significance of Chemistry for an IT Course at IIT

    Hi, I've been wondering about the significance of Chemistry and Physics to pursue a course which is related purely to algorithms and computing at IIT. Why do we have the entrance test for Physics and Chemistry when the course the student will be studying is completely different? To a certain...
  5. Ray

    JEE query

    i am in class xi (icse) and have taken bio.i want to know if physics and chemistry syllabus of iit jee will cover physics and chemistry syllabus of medical jee(aiims and state jee).what books do i need to study for medical jee(specially bio).
  6. Prongs298

    marks in QE for IIT-JEE 2010

    I wanted to know whether to qualify for the IIT-JEE you need 60% in only physics, chemistry and maths OR in all the subjects?
  7. D

    Carrer Confusion

    Hello everyone: I recently wrote the class X CBSE examination and am (very) anxiously awaiting its results. I am in a dilemma as to what I have to take and what I have to drop as subjects. I am sure many of you are facing the same situation too. I am an average student with score of about...
  8. satyamy

    Physics & Chemistry

    I need to make one project So can anyone help me I need XI & XII notes of Physics & Chemistry are their any notes available on net or any one have any ebooks or anyone's have text books or classes notes Pls help
  9. ionicsachin

    What about Chemistry and Biology.......

    Here is a concept which might come in the future.... Lot off work was taken off the CPU when Physx card was introduced having a whole hearted PPU.... Now the Next might be a Chemistry card... which might just do everything in real life chemistry has... For example the effect of a substance...
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