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What about Chemistry and Biology.......

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Here is a concept which might come in the future....
Lot off work was taken off the CPU when Physx card was introduced having a whole hearted PPU....

Now the Next might be a Chemistry card... which might just do everything in real life chemistry has... For example the effect of a substance or chemical falling on other things... It will just be like a blueprint concept on which every game can be created...... It will include everything about all the materials,elements,alloys,there hardness,physical and chemical properties and effect on other substances....

Next will be a Biology card which will have effects on the nature and Bio on earth... Like if a bullet hits a person, based on the effect of the bullet on body the Condition of player will be little shaky and wobly or even deadly....
Also if you kill an enemy and if the bullets hit his stomach then how all the blood and broken organs come out... Again this will create a blueprint basis for the game developers to create games...

Both the above cards may seem funny but i think that might be in the future as the realism in the games are increasing.....

What do you say????????????


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be ready, Multi PPU is in the talks, and after some time we may indeed be getting an AI card as well.

Add up:
CPU + MB = 15-20k
PPU = 15k
GPU = 25-30k, if you want high end gaming
AI PU = ???

total = band baj gai


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Screw these hardware companies. I'm going to stick to a CPU and GPU. I refuse to spend more on playing games.
They're only bent on improving the graphics because thay have run out of ideas to improve the actual gameplay.

IMO you need only a mid-range CPU and GPU to enjoy games. 90% people don't care for crap like AA/AF. It just isn't worth spending that much on hardware that gets outdated in 6 months or less.

Instead of making a PPU (which IMO sucks) and AI card, use the extra cores on the processor to do these tasks. With 4 core proccy's at the end of the year, and 8 core proccy's soon after that shouldn't be a problem.

If you're that interested in gaming then buy a console and a high-def TV. Atleast that will last for 5 years without any hassle of upgrading.


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Stalker said:
dude....u 4got about the psychology (not sure abt spelling) card 4 realistic human-like AI:D:D

PSY-eX Card..... AWESUM !!!!

But all of ya 4gt 2 specify the increasing no. of slots/interfaces for these kinda concepts :D

GPU Quad + PPU-Dual + ChemX-Dual + BioX-Dual + PSY-eX-Dual...

Man... I am just imagining the Motherboard Size !!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

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