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  1. S

    Reliable Chager for MOTO E 1st Gen

    My MOTO E charger stopped working. I would like to know reliable Chargers available in market. Really appreciate suggestions from MOTO E owners. Thanks spandey
  2. Vyom

    Micro USB Mobile Charger Query

    These days, a standard have been followed by mobile manufactures to bring out the chargers with a micro USB interface. Making life of their customer hell lot easier, since it doesn't matter now if I use a micro usb charger of my LG's Android phone with a HTC's windows phone. Since the charger...
  3. R

    Car Charger

    Hey guys i wanted to buy a car charger so was confused which one to buy since the branded ones are quite expensive & charge only mobiles from its own brand but local mutli chargers are cheap but i think they would harm the battery wht do you guys feel??
  4. vishalg

    help in buying a pair of rechargeable AAs

    i wana buy a pair of rechargeable AA batteries with charger for my wireless mouse now i have never used rechargeable AAs so some queries: 1. which brand should i go for 2. will the batteries that come with sony\kodak cameras do ok 3. suggest a good online shop for buying, most of the...
  5. Gauravs90

    Nokia Recalls 14 Million AC Adapters

    Anyone who bought a Nokia cell phone recently listen up: Nokia has just launched a recall program for certain Nokia-branded AC adapters. "During a routine quality control process, Nokia identified a potential product quality issue with certain chargers manufactured by one of its third-party...
  6. sujoyp

    Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG etc. to produce standard phone charger

    The GSMA has announced a plan for major phone manufacturers to produce one standard charger that would work with all handset brands, using a microUSB plug as the connection point (not miniUSB, as some sites have reported). The plan has the backing of almost every major phone maker, and if it...
  7. G

    chargers and rechargeable batteries

    is there any review on rechargeable cells in digit (NICD/NIMH; AA/AAA) and battery chargers? I have not read past few issues of Digit. Considering wide usage of such batteries in digital cameras, MP3 players etc such a review shall be usefull.
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