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  1. soumya

    Good phone for video calling?

    I want to purchase two cellphones for video calling over 3G. One for me and one for my parents. So which cellphone would be the best bet? I want one of them to be expensive (for me) and one to be, not that expensive (for my parents as they wouldn't need all the extra features). So which...
  2. H

    Dial-Up Server thru Cellphone

    How do I establish a dial-up server :confused: (running Win XP Pro SP3) using a mobile phone (N72) with a BSNL GPRS connection ? I want users to dial-in using their cellphones or laptops connected through cellphones. Please help & advise in some detail....
  3. S

    PDAs or cellphones with wifi

    Hi , Can anyone please tell me PDAs or cellphones (of any brand) with wifi for less than Rs.20000. I need wifi as I am planning to connect to internet using it (my college IIT Roorkee provides free net using Wifi :) ) I know of Asus P320. Is it good??? I am getting it for Rs.12000...
  4. S

    Samsung announces 8 megapixel CMOS module for cellphones


    W580, N91 or motorokr E6?

    plz help me make a gud choice between W580, N91 and the Motorokr E6... Any other cellphones in this range?
  6. M

    HELP!!!!.......wHICH ONE?????

    hEY GUYS I M REALLY CONFUSED:confused: BETWN THESE mODELS, CAN U HELP ME OUT????? mY BUDGET IS 6500/- N WERE IN MUM & PUNE DO I GET cELLPHONES IN LESS PRICE??????? MoDElS: -sONY eRIC. W300i -nOKIA 3230 -nOKIA 5200 -NoKIA 6085 tHANXXXXX.......................
  7. Gigacore

    What will do often in ur Mobile Phone?

    these days cellphones can do more than talking and messaging. so what else will you do? :D
  8. M

    Is Online Shopping Safe?

    Dear Friends, Has anyone of you tried the following site? Plemix.com - Cell Phones, PDA Phones, Digital Cameras, and more in various brand…Worldwide shipping! They say that they ship their products worldwide. Their cellphones are unlocked. And most of their cellphones have a "Waiting List"...
  9. Sanchit

    Recommend me 2 cellphones

    I want to purchase two cellphones, either of Sony Ericcson or Nokia. My budjet for them is 4k for the first & 6k for the second. Please recommend me some cellphones having GPRS & MP3 tone capability.
  10. Adhip007

    Cellphones at 5K

    Plz suggests some good userfriendly cellphones arround 5K, It may have FM!
  11. S

    About Cellphones <18K

    I want to buy a new cellphone from Nokia. Can anyone please suggest me a good model which costs less than Rs. 18000? I also wanted to know how much exactly does the Nokia 7710 cost here in India.
  12. bala4digit

    Mobile signals help combat roadblocks !!!!

    Some people say that drivers should be prohibited from talking on hand-held cellphones while driving, lest they become distracted, slow down traffic, or worse, cause an accident. But there are others finding that cellphones and driving may not be so bad together. Several state...
  13. swatkat

    SpyBot SnD for Symbian phones

    SpyBot team has released a version of their popular software for Symbian based mobile phones! More info here: http://www.spybot.info/en/symbian/index.html Download: http://www.spybot.info/en/download/index.html
  14. D

    notify me about some free............

    notify me about some free............ wap sites free download sites for cellphones
  15. D

    Are cellphones dangerous to health ?

    Are cellphones dangerous to health? Some research say yes others no . There is confusion. Shall we use it less?.
  16. D

    Wheres da GPU Test Drive?

    Digit has awarded pretty much everything but hasn't done a proper GPU test since a long time.What could be the problem? I certainly don't think it could be the AGP/PCIE interface problem. If Digit can seperate cellphones into GSM & CDMA, then why can't they do the same for Graphics Cards.
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