1. A

    NEW C Programming Learner...HELP Required

    Guyz...im learning programming for the first time...am learning programming in C ...in college they use the TURBO C/C++ (Borland)Compiler...but this does not run on my computer with Windows 64bit...so can any1 of u suggest alternate compilers...and pls give name of those compiler in which the...
  2. X

    Request for embedding python in C/C++ tutorial!!!

    Hey guys i'm an intermediate C/C++ & python programmer.I want to take my skills to the next level i've looking all over the web for good python embedding tutorial but had no luck with it. Can someone please share an embedding tutorial using something like swig. I really want to use the power of...
  3. digit.sh

    C/C++ IDE for windows 7 starter.

    Friends, please suggest a C/C++ IDE for windows 7 starter edition. Its for my cousin who is in class 10 and wants to learn C. I suggested him vi/gcc but he refuses to install linux.:| VC++ would be too heavy for his netbook, so suggest other IDEs. The lighter, the better. Automatic code...
  4. A

    C/C++ IDE in Python

    Hello friends, for some time I have been working on an IDE for C/C++ written in Python. Finally, I was able to develop it with help of PyQt4, but still one thing is remaining. Can anyone of you please tell me, how can I integrate GCC or G++ compiler in my program. By integration I mean, how can...
  5. S

    Project on c/Ds/c++

    hey guys i ma doing MCA - so i want to do mini project by using c/c++/Ds; can any one tell me new idea..... i think to do small game in c/c++ ; whether it is possible ... which book be used for ref.
  6. P

    C/C++ help

    Hi friends! Can anybody please tell me that is there any way in C/C++ to work wid images?
  7. arpanmukherjee1


    hi there can sb tell me how to use near and far pointers in c/c++
  8. piyushp_20

    C/C++ IDE for windows Vista

    hi guys, can neone here suggest a good freeware C/C++ IDE for windows vista... tried googling a lot but could'nt find nething.. so m posting here. plz do reply.... waiting 4 ur replies.. thanx in advance.
  9. The Conqueror

    Recommend me some Good books for C/C++,PHP

    Hi all! Can u please recommend me any good books for learning C/C++ , PHP ? Also video tutorials If any.
  10. V


    Hey Friends, I need c/c++ compilers of 32 bit or 64 bit as the compilers that i hv is 16 bit and i need it for VISTA 64 bit as the 16 bit does not support VISTA 32 bit or 64 bit. please help me:!: my E-mail are:- vipulsonker@live.in vipul@iamsingle.in vipul.sonker@gmail.com...
  11. S

    matrix screensaver???

    can someone tellme to write codes for matrix screensaver using C/C++
  12. P

    database connectivity with C/C++

    hi friends! can anybody tell me how to make database connection with C or C++?
  13. P

    C/C++ Programming

    Related to pow() function in C/C++. The Syntax is : pow(x,y). If the y part of the function is a fraction it gives an error. What should be the Syntax for such a function that there is no error?
  14. P

    HTML Programming

    Hi, Can somebody help me in finding the solution to the problem? How to hyperlink a C/C++ program in a HTML file? Remember it should be HTML programming through which a C/C++ program is accessed.
  15. cool_callis

    good c/c++ programming questions

    frndz can u tell me from where can i get good c/c++ programming questions objective type and other. suggest me some book or website for such good practice questions.
  16. blademast3r

    c/c++ program in a web page??

    hi everybody is it possible to run a c/c++ program in html? in a web page basically...if yes how?? -Ram
  17. aditya.shevade

    How to Draw lines in C/C++?

    Hi I was wondering. There is not graphics header file that we have in Windows, under linux. So What to do, if I want to draw some straight lines in C/C++ under linux or unix? I want to draw kind of a table. So, what to do? ASCII characters donot work. Aditya
  18. aditya.shevade

    How to install kdevelop on Windows?

    Hi I want to install kdevelop on windows xp, mainly for C/C++ projects and programs. How can I do that, and then how to install C/C++ compilers, like gcc, for Kdevelop? If that is not possible, is there any free C/C++ compiler (IDE) for windows like turboc? Please help me, I am totally...
  19. S

    C/C++ compilers for win xp x64

    hi, does anyone know any 64-bit compilers for C/C++ for using with win XP x64?? i tried running turboc but it gives an error saying that it is not designed for my OS
  20. Jags

    help: lookin for C/C++ sites ??

    hi I have decent theoretical knowledge in c/c++ and i need to furnish my programming skills..for that i need some questions OR source codes starting from a VERY basic level (say: display all even nos. from 1-1000) to the advanced level (say: file handling). although I have managed to lay...
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