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    (processing description too...)
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    I don't have such weaknesses..
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    How to Train your Cat(s)
  4. P

    Looking to buy cat 6 cable

    I am looking to buy cat 6 cable 15-20m cheap which actually has cat 6 speeds. There are a lot of them and i cannot decide which will be the best. Thanks in advance.
  5. amjath

    Crimping LAN Cable - Tutorial

    Ethernet Cable/LAN Cable: An Ethernet cable is one of the most popular forms of network cable used on wired networks. Ethernet cables connect devices on local area networks such as PCs, routers and switches. Types of Cables: Basically there are 3 types of Cables. 1. Straight Through...
  6. Hrishi

    Dell Admits to "Cat Urine Smell" in its Ultrabook.

    Dell Admits to "Cat Urine Smell" in its Ultrabook. Dell 'admits' to cat urine smell in ultrabook - The Times of India I thought that most companies release their product after considerable amount of testing it. And the most innovative and hilarious comment : "This is just to...
  7. A

    Whether to prepare for CAT or PSU's !!

    Hi I am a final year student persuing in EE from a reputed govt engg coll.I am already placed in TCS.I have GATE on 10th feb and i am pretty sure that i will not be able to get an AIR under 300 rank which is essential for a PSU.I don't want to do an M.TECh so a rank >300 is of no use for...
  8. S


    hi guys...i'm thinking of pursuing higher studies after engg ,but i don't want to pursue any degree in technology field so i'm thinking of management . I just have a basic idea about cat exam ,but about its portion and college selection i'm completely blind .so pls help me by telling how to...
  9. H

    CAT Material

    Can anyone pls let me know the price of CAT 2009 MAterial avail for sale from the markets. ? Any institute TIME / IMS / Career Launcher material information would be appreciated. How much can I expect above institute material for second hand in good condition. TIA,
  10. vamsi_krishna

    Recommend Some CAT training institutes..

    Wanna take training of CAT after my UG. I'm from a small town, so i don't know much about training institutes. So, please tell me any decent institution that provide coaching for CAT. Awaiting Replies... Thanks.
  11. amitabhishek

    Inspiring stuff: TTE qualifies for IIM

    One in a while we come across such a story which inspires us to achieve more irrespective of the domain we are in....fantastic. Source
  12. M

    CAT 2009 Goes Online

    Common Admission Test (CAT) 2009 Goes Online Finally The new computer-based test (CBT) will be embraced by IIMs across Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Indore, Kozhikode, Lucknow and Shillong, and will allow students to select a date convenient to them from a specified period of 10 days. “CBT...
  13. goobimama

    Digit meetup anyone?

    Hello boys. I'll be tripping to Mumbai for the BarCamp event, and was wondering whether we could have a sort of meetup of sorts. The event is on the 1st, so we could have the meetup on the second. What say? Goobi PS: I can bring pics of Small Cat if anyone wants.
  14. Faun

    Post your Swappiness nubs !!!

    cat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness 60 :D
  15. amitash

    My Farcry2 Benchmarks

    HI everyone..just thought id post the game benchamarks i ran...Also i would like you to observe the difference the hotfixed drivers make in the game especially on crossfireX platforms...all benchmarks are run in the small ranch with the following config: 1.Q6600 at stock speeds 2.GeCube...
  16. M

    Some Funny Pics of CAT

    Hic...!!! Hic...!!! Hic...!!! Hic...!!! Hic...!!! :D
  17. satyamy

    IIM MBA CAT 2009 Application form ?

    Sorry guys this is not a techincal question, but I need your help in this matter Can someone help me to get IIM MBA CAT 2009 Application form the last date to download the application form was 13th August 2008 but unfortunately I didnt know that The Last date to submit it is 5th September...
  18. Thom_Yorke

    Aiming for Cat '09...Best classroom in B'lore!!

    This is my first post in this forum, So I will make it short.(there's no reason why) I am aiming for CAT 09. Now I can either join T.I.M.E. or I M S Classroom program, as they are the two best ones. So can you guys help me out to decide which one will be better in terms of faculties??? Also I...
  19. H


    Which CAT institute would be the best to tak up in terms of correspondence course and in terms of classroom coaching...? Does it matter which city u tak up classroom coaching decides u perform better among your peers? Also welcome some e-material for the preparation of the same.. I need...
  20. slugger

    Magazines for CAT and GATE

    do you know of any popular magazines dedicated to CAT and GATE aspirants - the same mag need not cater to both, could also be different magazines Something like Competition Success Review which is for IAS/civil service aspirants also any popular CAT site? - i know of pagalguy thanks :)
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