1. Skyh3ck

    Wrist Watch Suggestion requried

    Hello friends I am looking to buy a new wrist watch may be buying online or from shop, just need to know how reliable is online shops for watches, there are few casio watshes, are they real, also how is Giordano, Rico Sordi, Dezine and other companies, are they good, also how is Sonata...
  2. Anorion


    Seen a few posts with interest in watches lately, so time is ripe for a dedicated watch discussion thread. One is long overdue for this forum anyway. Posting a list of safe choices, this is just a starting point, we can take it from here. First 5K-25k, at this range quartz is the only...
  3. R

    [Query] Casio G Shock Watch Authorised Service Centre

    Hi, I am not sure if this is the right forum, however if so. Can anyone help me to share where is the Casio watches Authorised Service Centre in Kolkata. Any assistance or information would be helpful as my six month's old Casio G-Shock watch seemed to have got spoiled. Thanks and...
  4. sam9953

    Why didn't my Casio watch battery life not last 10 years?

    Hi guys, four years ago I bought a Casio watch, to be exact I bought this Buy Casio Standard Analog-Digital Watch - For Men AD84 - Price in India , Buy Casio Standard Analog-Digital Watch - For Men Online In India, Reviews, Ratings & Features | but after 2 years the battery stopped...
  5. CA50

    Unlocking Casio fx-82ES to Casio fx-991ES

    This is a guide to unlock your Casio Scientific calculator to a higher version with more features. I have tested it with my own fx-82ES and it worked. This mod will unlock model number fx-82ES/83ES/85ES to fx-991ES Generally 82ES comes with 249 functions function and when the "setup"...
  6. K

    Casio Edifice EF-539D-5AVDF

    1. Model number and details: Casio Edifice EF-539D-5AVDF 2. Date of purchase: Dont know (Got it as a gift) 3.Product Condition: Brand new. Just opened for taking pics. 4. Reason for sale: Big Dial size, so doesnt suits my hand 5. Warranty details: Dont know (No bill, since got it as a gift)/...
  7. D

    Sony WX1 or H55?

    Sony WX1 or H55 or Casio EX-H15? My budget is 15K max and I want a compact digcam for Outdoor travel purpose. I have shortlisted H55, WX1, Casio EX-H15. But now I am confused. When is H55 preferable over WX1? All I know is that WX1 is better for low light. But since the price of both is...
  8. pritish_kul2

    Casio SA 41

    is there any site in which whichever song i shows the casio keys to i select dil to pagal hai it'll show the keys to play to play that song. is der any site or software?
  9. cool_dude_prav

    [WANTED] Driver for Casio Digital Diary SF-4990

    Hi, I just got myself a USB(PC) to Serial(Digi Diary) Cable for my Casio Digital Diary SF-4990. The thing gets detected, but no drivers are found... I tried searching on Casio site, but never got it... Someone plz upload it for me, if u have it or can find it elsewhere... Also...
  10. H

    Digital Camera

    Hi, I am planning to purchase the digital camera either sony dscw100 OR casio EX-Z1000. Anybody will suggest me which model should I go for? For Sony * For Casio...
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