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  1. Flash

    Activision buys Candy Crush developer for $5.9 billion

    Activision buys Candy Crush developer for $5.9 billion | Windows Central
  2. Zangetsu

    Android apps & games you shouldn’t download

    Anti-virus maker AVG recently released a list of apps and games that slow down the performance of Android smartphones, take too much space or guzzle a little too much battery Source: 65 Android apps & games you shouldn?t download- The Times of India Top 10 performance-draining apps – run...
  3. S

    Phone under 9k.

    An uncle of mine needs a phone under 9k. No specific uses. Would be using basic apps like whatsapp, fb messenger, mild gaming (playing the horrible game candy crush)etc etc. What I have in mind is Lenovo A7000 or Redmi 2S. Anyother suggestions??
  4. sygeek

    Candy Box! - Very addicting ASCII game

    Candy box ! You have to be patient.
  5. D

    FXI squeezes a dualcore chipset into a USB stick, lets any monitor into android

    FXI squeezes a dual-core chipset into a USB stick, lets you turn any monitor into an Android device http://www.fxitech.com/products/ The Cotton Candy is a USB stick sized compute device allows users a single, secure point of access to all personal cloud services and apps through their favorite...
  6. L

    Skull Candy 50/50 Black Red Earphones

    Model:Skull Candy 50/50 Black Red Purchase date: 09/11/2010(yes it is just a day old) Extra Accessories: Extra Buds Selling price:2.2K Reason for sale:Lost my ipod touch . Location: NCR Shipping: charges extra. Pics
  7. papul1993

    Hi all :) I want to build a rig for Rs. 35000.

    As the title of this thread says i want to build a rig myself. I have mentioned my buget requirements etc below: BUDGET: not a rupee extra than 35k :) REQUIREMENTS: I would like the rig to to play latest games and upcoming ones at low to medium eye candy. Most of the time i use my sys for...
  8. Ecko

    Wanna otimize this pic : Any suggestions

    Any suggestions want this to suit for my blog Or something same like that is eye candy
  9. Dark Star

    Ubuntu should Learn!

    Just saw some Fedora concepts today and though of posting this thread ..Now soon Ubuntu will release it own Long Term Support OS. Which will be used worldwide more than a simple release Like Gutsy Gibbon.. Ubuntu community has tried to add gr8 set of s/w and support for new hardware.. Now it...
  10. J

    suggest the mobile

    hey i want to buy the phone that has following fns. large screen candy bar fast detect as a pen drive <=12k m going to plan E51 or ny motorola phone in bar
  11. ashfame

    Good Performimng Lappy

    Hi friends tell me abt some lappy config. For which shd i go for and which brand shd i prefer? I want a good performer which can show all the eye candy without compromising with performance. So plz suggest something..
  12. dhan_shh

    Nokia 3500c,a worthy phone??!!

    Nokia 3500c with *262k colours TFT display *Phone book with 2000 Entries *2MP cam *Video Support *Stereo FM+ *MP3 player support *Memory Slot (256 MB micro SD card Free!) *Sleek & Slim Candy Bar *Bluetooth Support+ *miniUSB support+ *Weighs only 80Gms All...
  13. pro

    needs hitman blood money hardware config

    hi i have p4 1.7Ghz kobian 845gl 256MB DDR RAM can i play this game decent enough (i am ready to turn off eye candy features) sorry, no graphiics card here
  14. ax3

    Photoshop plug-ins ! ! !

    which is the best or mostly used photoshop plug-in , used by u ??? i have been using eye candy ....
  15. T

    need software for...

    hi guys, in p*****d cds of muvies u may have seen how the group's name is present or it keeps popping in the lower left hand or right hand section of the screen. eg. chintoo candy and all those things. may i know how do they insert these stuffs and how can we do that? Thx.
  16. kau_therock

    Urgent help needed

    :( hi guys. i m in trouble. i am going to buy a graphics card and i dont know which one to buy. i have short listed fx5600 with 128 mb ddr and fx 5200 with 256 mb ddr. could u help plz. also another weird question could anyone tell me plz what does " EYE CANDY" mean????
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