1. iSh0w

    [For Sale] JVC GRD33 MiniDV Digital Camcorder w/16x Optical Zoom

    closed! closed!
  2. Godoftheforbiddenlight

    need help in buying a camcorder

    hey guys i need to buy a camcorder mainly to do a documentary .....i will be working in dark places and sunny places......still photography won't hurt but isn't a neccesity....full hd is preferred but won't go in the lacs for it.........i don't know how much these things costs so i'll put up...
  3. rhitwick

    Calling all camcorder specialists

    Guys, I need your help to decide on a camcorder. Budget not more than 30K. not even one rupee. Feature must have: provision for attaching external mic for voice recording. HD filming and HDD recording is preferable.
  4. P

    Camcorder buing guide

    hello...everyone i want to buy a camcorder within 15000-25000 rs, i dont know about the features but it can capture video or images(or both) at a distance of around 30-50 mtrs,,,for should take nice shots at that distance & i can see the faces clear out of it...,,thanks in advance......
  5. T

    [Want to Buy] Need HD 1080p camcorder under Rs 20000/-

    I am looking for a full HD camcorder that can record in 1080p , has minimum of 10x optical zoom and has a mic input preferably. Not specific to any brand or model. Also fine with a used one but it should be in 100% working condition. Thanks!
  6. Rockstar11

    this pocket Camcorder available in India? Sanyo Xacti CG10 Dual Camera HD Flash Memory Camcorder with 5x Optical Zoom (Black): Camera & Photo where can i buy this camcorder and whats the price in india?
  7. A

    DVD not recognized

    I had created a mini dvd with samsung camcorder and finalized it. But this DVD is not recognized on my PC. I used it on other PC as well, but same problem. It works fine on that camcorder and dvd player. Please Help Me!!
  8. dude_gamer

    Nero 7 vision essential?

    i am getting following error message.when i connected my mobile.(i attached image of that Nero error) "No supported capture device was detected.please check that your device is properly OK to proceed or cancel to return to the previous page." i am using my Nokia 2730C as...
  9. R

    Camcorder choice

    I am giving a list of 8 camcorders.Plz suggest which one is best. 1. DCR-SX44E : Flash / Memory Stick : Handycam® Video Camera : Sony India 2. DCR-SX45E : Flash / Memory Stick : Handycam® Video Camera : Sony India 3. SDR-T76 | Panasonic 4. LEGRIA FS405 - Canon India - Personal 5...
  10. S

    Purchasing New Camcorder

    Hi all, i need suggestions for buying new HD camcorder. I have narrowed down to Sony XR-160. But i need to know from others whether it is worthy to invest about 40k ? I will be on vacation during pujos for about 15 days in uttarakhand.
  11. T

    Need Suggestions for a good Camcorder with great sound quality

    hi guys..i need suggestions for a good camcorder urgently There will a live regional concert in my locality and i need to record it in high definition. Since it is a live concert and there will be big speakers all around with heavy requirement is that the camcorder should be able to...
  12. N

    new camcorder

    Hi everyone... This time, i am planning to gift innovative camcorder to my daughter on her 18th birthday. My budget is not too high so, i am looking for a device that can be availed at affordable cost. Can anyone provide me some relevant details about latest camcorder specifications...
  13. R

    HDC-TM700 camcorder

    Hi, Does anyone use Panasonic HDC-TM700 camcorder? Any feedback please. I am looking to buy one for making serious amateur and semi professional use, like making short films, documentaries, video brochures and educational films. I picked this based on the video quality and the level of...
  14. B

    Camcorder vs. Digital Camera with HD movie capability

    Hi, I am thinking of buying a digital camera with good zoom, good MP, compact size and with HD movie capbility. I have shortlisted Panasonic TZ10 based upon the suggestions from learned members on this forum. I am now thinking why would one buy a camcorder if he has a camera like Pany...
  15. C

    cheap camcorders

    Hi everyone, I just joined this forum. It looks very useful. I would like to make videos of myself talking into the camera and post them on Youtube. I've never owned a camcorder and dont know much about them. I want the videos to have good visual and sound quality. I see one can order...
  16. R

    Camcorder within Rs.15000/-

    Suggest some camcorders within Rs.15000/-.
  17. R

    Samsung SMX-C10RP camcorder

    How is samsung SMX-C10RP camcorder?
  18. D

    dvd playing in canon camcorder but pc shows 0 byte used and free

    I have Canon DC210 and i had shoots some movie in Maxell DVD-R Double Sided. But whenever i am insert DVD in my DVD RW, it shows 0 byte free and 0 byte total size. My camcorder play this dvd very well with audio. Please tell me whats wrong with my Camcorder or DVD-R.:confused: Waiting for reply...
  19. RCuber

    Sony Camcorder to PC

    Hello guys, I borrowed my friends Sony Camcorder Model DCR-HC42E, I need to transfer the video from it to the PC, have the camcorder dock with me to connect it to the PC , but I do not have the software , I am unaware about which software to use for the purpose. Vista detects it as Sony...
  20. zegulas

    Camcorder in SuSE

    I own a Panasonic NV GS 35 camcorder, I am using SuSE and want to do the importing and editing of video files. The camcorder has a Firewire and a USB port on it, both of which can be used to get the video from it. Now I don't know which software I should use for above purpose, also my camera is...
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