1. T

    Corsair CX430 v2 causing problem !!

    Hi guys, Recently I bought a Corsair CX430 v2 second hand at 1.8k. The PSU was 20 days old, in excellent condition, so I asked the seller the reason to sell it, he said that the PSU is not able to run his Geforce 560 Ti hawk, so he needed something better. This reason was satisfactory enough...
  2. S

    spike buster

    i want to buy a spike guard (buster) within Rs 500 with telephone protection and individual socket switch.. pls guide
  3. C

    can i connect ups to a spike buster?

    my wall socket is far from my computer table, my cable extension box was not providing earthing eventhough i have earthing. so i got the cable length of my spike buster extended to 4 meters. now i connect spike buster to wall socket, ups and speaker is connected to spike buster. monitor, cpu and...
  4. avichandana20000

    corsair 450 vx, need prompt reply

    1)what is the power cord of this PSU look like(india or american)(googling does not help out) 2)will it work with APC 650V UPS 3)Is a Belkin spike buster required for this i am going to fit this in Asus M4A78-TE mobo i amgoingto be the proud owner of this tomorrow morning. thanks in...
  5. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    What is Spike Buster ?? Explain..

    wenever Home Light Will GOne...My ADSL Light Will be Off..even thought i connected to UPS Sum 1 TOld ME Spike Buster IS a Solution So wht Is it ?? plzz explian... Price ???? Waitin..for reply...
  6. hittheswitch

    Help CD-RW Data recovery

    CD-RW and DVD Problem + realsched.exe I did a stupid mistake today.I had some really important data on a rewritable CD and i accidently erased it.It was not a full erase i chose Quick-erase.Now i need that data back.I don't have the backup of that data.Is there any tool which can recover data...
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