1. T

    BSc Physics vs BE (Electrical+Electronic)

    Got 88% at ISC XII exams, and I'm getting admission at a local college for BE in Electrical&Electronic engineering. I was wondering whether I should do a BSc in Physics cause there are many engineers, and not too many jobs. It seems to have go saturated. How are prospects after doing a BSc...
  2. A

    What courses to do with BSc.IT?

    Right now I am in F.Y.BSc.IT. What other courses can I do along with BScIT?Heard of Gniit..but some say its not that good.Also need some info on game/software developing courses.
  3. isenberg (CSE) or Bsc(H)

    Hi, I wanna know the core difference between BSc. Comp. Sc. Honours + MSc. in CS and (CSE) in terms of higher study choices,Job opportunities and knowledge gained at the end of the both course.Also, can I do after BSc or do I have to do MSc then Mtech ? Can I give GRE/TOEFL after...
  4. C

    Colleges in Delhi

    I wanted to ask if there are any good colleges in Delhi offering BSc. in Gaming or BSc. in Animation or BSc. in game Development or Bachelor's in mass Media in communication. I'm from Nepal and I would like to know how much the average costs would be and the duration of study. If not in India...
  5. T

    Bsc IT or BMS , please help guys!

    Hi, i am an engineering dropout. I was puruing B.E IT from mumbai university but had to quit college as i found engg syllabus difficult to handle . I hated non IT subjects and was really frustrated with the amount of lessons and assignments we get which are no where related to IT. So, now...
  6. axes2t2

    Job oriented courses - BSc Computer Science

    I have completed my Bsc Computer Science so would like to know what are the best or appropriate job oriented courses that I should go for??
  7. V

    Guidance on how to pursue a career in Information Security

    I have done my 12th from CBSE and have passed with decent marks. I want to pursue a career in Ethical hacking/penetration testing. Please suggest what course should I take. I am confused between Btech in Cs, Btech in IT, BE Cs, BSc IT, Bsc CS. Or should I look for Networking Technology...
  8. V

    Career Advice

    I have given my class 12 Board exams and am awaiting my result. Am planning to pursue a career in Networking or in the Cyber-security field. Will doing a Bsc in CS or IT, then doing MCA alongwith a certification in networking from a reputed institute suffice? Please advice.
  9. zegulas

    Should I go for MSc CS or MSc IT?

    Hello friends, I have just completed my BSc in CS. Now I would like to go for the Master's degree. But I am confused between MSc CS and MSc IT, Which one should I go for?
  10. zegulas

    Does freelancing really pay?

    Is freelancing really possible for a student like me? I am doing FY BSc CS and I know C programming and have also made a website project using HTML for a student of TY BSc CS, which was approved BTW!
  11. zegulas

    what is the average salary for BSc IT people?

    Anyone knows, what starting salary is for BScIT students?
  12. M

    Is it wise to buy ps2 now?

    HI guys i am a big fan of tekken series .I want to lay my hands on it someday. I know its only on ps2 and psp.BUT i dont enjoy on psp so i have decided to buy ps2 . But unfortunately i am in final year of my bsc degree.So i will be buying it in march /april 07 . So do u think...
  13. T

    Bsc computer science VS bca

    Which is better and has wider scope among the below. Bsc Computer science Bca Bcom Computer applications Is Bsc computer science an boring / dry course? does it involve too much of programming? Can a student with poor math skills take bsc computer science? Does it...
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