1. L

    Help buying a new phone

    Hello i presently using an samsung galaxy s2 and planning to upgrade my budget is aroung 20k the lesser the better android only and yes i need something with sharp and bold edges like the s2 and not somethig like the s4 no curved or round edges
  2. C

    Buy BB Bold 9790 now or wait for Budget BB 10 devices?

    My father was thinking of buying a BlackBerry Bold 9790 later this month, as he needs a phone that can efficiently manage e-mails etc and has a business feel for around 20-25k, thus he was interested in the 9790. But with the Q5 (which is supposed to be a budget phone) coming up in July, and...
  3. A

    Is it worth buying bb older range ?

    Now that blackberry is moving to BB os 10, Is it a good idea to buy the Bold or the Torch 2? Not sure when BB will stop support for os 7.
  4. F

    iPhone 5 vs Blackberry Bold 9900

    Guys, I am so confused whether to buy blackberry bold 9900 or Apple iPhone 5. For blackberry I have following concerns - - extra monthly charges for the bbm services - this handset has some battery issues - one of the priciest model Iphone - -Expensive -I am not used to touch screens Do...
  5. B

    [Want to Buy] Blackberry bold 4 9900

    Looking for bold 4. Preferably white , but black would do too. Should be scratch less with no known problems. Anyone interested can get in touch . Text / call on 09779900000 . thank you.
  6. D

    Help guys! (blackberry buying advice)

    Hello guys. I want to get a Blackberry (max 15k). It should have wifi and 3G. qwerty or touch doesn't matter. I was thinking of getting Bold 9000. But I am not sure whether it's still on the market or not. Please help guys.
  7. D

    Help guys!

    Guys, I want to buy a blackberry.(I want to use a vodafone number, so cdm bbs won't do). My budget is not more than 15k. I want both wifi and 3g and it can be anything(touch or qwerty, doesn't matter). I was thinking of getting Blackberry bold 9000. But I am not sure whether it's still on...
  8. thecoolguy02

    Anyone using BLACKBERRY 9900 (BOLD 4)

    i am looking to buy blackberry 9900 i.e Bold 4.. but someone told me it has some serious issue with software as it got hang very frequently..... plz suggest me guys.... m too confused....
  9. R


    I Want to buy Blackberry Curve or Blackberry Bold 2 Or Blackberry Bold 3 phones. If anyone interested. PM ME!
  10. M

    Corsair *new* VX/TX series build quality issues

    This was not expected of Corsair.:evil: Why do good companies resort to such marketing gimmicks. Especially for corsair reps...;) read this article from overclock:cry: a bold investigation going on...
  11. P

    Which one to Choose? BB Bold 9700 or BB Bold 9000

    Hey guys please suggest me which one to go for between Blackberry Bold 9700 or Blackberry Bold 9000. or any other phone in Blackberry or Nokia domain. My budget is Rs 21k. I want 3G ready phone with Wifi and good camera. Please suggest and recommend.
  12. A

    PDF terror

    hey, I have a book in PDF format, the text is very thin and not readable when printed, it is printed very light. Plz suggest me some way to bold the text. I tried some PDF to word converters, but they modify the text with their so called "artificial intelligence". Plz suggest me some way to...
  13. NewsBytes

    Blackberry Bold 9700 now in India for Rs 31,990

        Research in Motion have announced the release of its flagship Blackberry model, the Blackberry Bold 9700 for the Indian market. The phone will be available on the Vodafone Essar network at a suggested retail price of Rs. 31,990.   The Blackberry Bold 9700 has a 2.44-inch TFT LCD screen...
  14. Kniwor

    All VCC related trades

    It's been seen that a lot of people are selling VCC, suppressing all other forms of trade and some members also doing business, which is not acceptable, however, we don't want to completely do away with VCC trading because that would contrast to the whole motive of the section. So here's the...
  15. dhan_shh

    ## Blackberry BOLD,quick review!

    Hi, Got my BB Bold yesterday,07OCt08 from Airtel Outlet for 34,990.(Available in select places,?artificially created Demand!) Nicely packed,manufactured in Hungary (date:13 Sep 08) Cute stereo headset with 'plug-in' headset,1GB mem card+ and with usual accessories. "Sync Cradle" is...
  16. BBThumbHealer

    BlackBerry Bold 9000 Launched In India

    Research In Motion (RIM) today introduced the BlackBerry Bold smartphone in India with Airtel, Vodafone and Reliance. "We at RIM are excited with the response to BlackBerry in the Indian market. Through the widened reach of Airtel, we look forward to penetrate the high level of consumer...
  17. K

    India 'BOLD' Out!!!!!!

    Blackberry Bold is expected in a few days in India,True competition between N96,iPhone3G and BBB will start now. Priced at 34,990 (?!),hav a look at this:
  18. A

    suggest a name for my software..

    I will develop a software which will have following features.. I am in a fix to choose the name of the software.. i have listed some names 1.Text speak 2.Speechpad 3.Speak it up please post what u feel will be the best name for the software.. before posing make sure that the name is not...
  19. Manshahia

    How to format text in posts

    guys how can we make our text bold, italic etc written in our posts?
  20. forever

    Theme Help

    ive been using window blinds 5.01 for a few days and i have a query , is there any way we can change the font depth or make it bold , like in the 'eminence' theme , the font is too feeble , is there any way to make it bold ,plz reply , thnx :)
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