1. Vyom

    Delhi Election 2015

    This is the most happening Elections ever. With AAP in the city, BJP have been having nightmares. Dumping AAP in favour of BJP, seems neither to help her or the party. Let's discuss what it could mean to Delhi and the nation... Live Stat: Delhi Election Results 2015, Live Assembly Election...
  2. lakeport

    Is Gujarat really as developed as NaMo and the BJP claim?

    I live in UP, which is an extremely poor and backward place. However i am really curious about Gujarat, ever since i've heard of the claims made by Narendra Modi and the BJP. So tell me people from Gujarat or people who've been there, what is Gujarat like? Are there broken roads there? Do you...
  3. G

    Modi is BJP’s PM candidate 2014

    Source: Modi is BJP’s PM candidate 2014
  4. Flash

    BJP is tearing apart - LK Advani quits BJP

    One of the founding members of India's main opposition BJP, LK Advani, says he is resigning from all party posts. Mr Advani said most of the party's current leaders were "now concerned with their personal agendas". Party president Rajnath Singh rejected the move and is trying to dissuade the...
  5. sumit_anand

    Rajnath Singh elected at the BJP president.

    With all the speciculations going over in BJP party and the scandals of Nitin Gadkari had made Rajnath Singh to become the next president of the BJP party...Do you really think Rajnath singh deserves this post or any other candidate would have been better than this.
  6. navpreetsingh459

    Gujarat and Himachal Results

    As thought, Modi came back to power again and winning the election as well by a huge margin of 70,000 but the results in Himachal may disappoint BJP a bit. Congress came to power there. Si Is Modi the PM candidate for NDA now?
  7. M

    WTF!! Congress Vs. BJP on Google Adsense

    WTF!! Congress Vs. BJP on Google Adsense Now these NETAs started using AdSense. Itna Paisa Kahan se Aaya inke paas Google ko Pay Karne ke liye :-x:-x:-x
  8. karnivore

    Varun Gandhi - The Indian Idiot

    Just when you thought, you have seen enough, these BJP idiots almost always pull one from their arse. Meet Varun, the idiot without a reason. Source
  9. esumitkumar

    BJP vs Congress !!

    OK guys time to fight :p..Whats your take ? Our country is going to civil unrest ..(bomb blasts everywhere, marathi regionalism ..Raj spilling poison,Marathis killing UPites and Biharis etc etc) As Alexander said in the other thread, we should go and vote in the next LS elections the best...
  10. CadCrazy

    BJP turns to FOSS

    Indian political party turns to FOSS By Marco Fioretti on October 20, 2008 (9:00:00 PM) Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is India's largest political party, with around 20 million Ordinary Members and about 4 million Active...
  11. desiibond

    Finally, a stable govt. in Karnataka

    Yee haaa. Celebrations. BJP won the Karnataka assembly elections. 114 out of 224. Clear majority. My joy is not for BJP but for Karnataka for finally getting a stable government.
  12. gary4gar

    Pramod Mahajan Passes Away

    Mumbai, India -- In a tragic turn of events, BJP general secretary Pramod Mahajan breathed his last at 4:10 pm on Wednesday, at Mumbai’s Hinduja hospital. He was admitted there after his younger brother, Pravin brutally injured him by pumping three bullets into his body at point blank range on...
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