1. H

    [Query] Want to buy Intel G31 G41 or Better 775 Motherboard

    Looking for Asus Gigabyte Msi Bio Star 775 motherboard . In working condition . Should have ddr2 slots .
  2. R

    computer enthusiast

    Who is computer enthusiasts?? how to explain someone that i am computer enthusiast, is there any difference between computer enthusiast and computer freak?? can i add term "computer enthusiast" in my bio data, what kind of questions generally arise about computer enthusiast.
  3. E

    help me please!

    hey guys i just passed out 10th class with 76%:DNow i am confused what to take?should i take science or commerce with computers ?i am more interested in computers.particularly more in cyber security and hacking.if take science,then should i take maths or bio..i am little weak at maths...but will...
  4. Kishal

    which stream to take after 10th

    hi guys. I'm really confused on what subjects to take up in class XI. I wanna primarily go for PCM, but i'm equally interested in bio or CS or IP as the fourth subject.which one of these has the best scope . plz help me.....
  5. the.kaushik

    Can anyone giveme the exact price at bangalore

    I am thinking of buying ASUS EN8600GT/HTDI/256M. Can anyone give me the exact price and will it be enough to handle the latest games like bio shock and nfs pro street?
  6. Gigacore

    Egg: Veg or Non-Veg

    Awe... this is the most mind tackling question i've come across. But still i dont have the perfect answer. I'm not bio student to determine and even i hate bio. So i just wanna know from this discussion board. What all i know is, if a Vegetarian eats egg then it is a veg or if a non-vegetarian...
  7. koolbluez

    Music lovers.. didja Musotik?

    Easily locate your favorite music artist's discography, videos, bio, torrents, and related artists with Musotik, a nifty Last.FM and YouTube mashup. For instance, I typed in "Shakira" and got all her albums, a brief bio, suggested artists that have similar singing styles, a list of torents :D...
  8. Q

    Which CRT monitor is Best buy (19" or 17")

    Hello I have to purchase a CRT monitor as i m a gamer. Q. Which is better in 17" Monitor and what is the price ? Q. Which is better in 19" Monitor and what is the price ?(cheepest and normal quality) Q. Is there any Bio monitor out in market ? Plz help thanks
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