1. vidhubhushan

    VDSL Modem / Router for AirTel VFibre

    today someone came to my home asking me to get a VFibre connection. i have an ADSL connection from them. was told they will supply a HIGH SPEED BETTER modem for INR1000 (200/month for 5 months). this may be a huawei / beetel one. browsed and found that this may be restricted / not very good. so...
  2. mitraark

    Cheap HD TV Tuner Card

    I have GTPL HD STB connection which has an HDMI and Composite output I have a Beetel USB TV Stick and it has Composite input, it works fine, but quality is not that good. Need a TV Tuner card with HDMI input. Googled, got results of Avermedia HD Cature card ,Rs 11000 Beetel Stick...
  3. D

    WiFi Internet Access only in MacBook Air but not in Mobile/Tab.

    I have just setup a TP Link Modem with Beetel WiFi Router as a bridge. The WiFi connects to all devices but the Internet access is only on my Macbook Air. Going to on MacBook goes to TP Link Setup Wizard where as that on Mobile goes to Beetel Setup Wizard.:-x Anybody know how to...
  4. L

    Configuring W8968.

    Hello guys. I have a working Airtel Broadband connection with static IP and Beetel 450tc1 modem/router. I want to add W8968 (hardware version 2.0) to my network such that W8968 works as Wireless router. I don't plan to use W8968 as a ADSL modem. Just as a Wireless router which is connected to...
  5. iSh0w

    Beetel ADSL2 Router + Modem 220bx works with Mtnl/Bsnl/Airtel/Tata

  6. S

    Reliance Wired Broadband on Beetel 450TC1 ADSL 2+ Wireless Router

    Hello Friends, I had purchased Beetel 450TC1 Adsl2+ Router to use wifi for my Airtel Broadband Connection. But recently I have switched services to Reliance Wired Broadband Internet. Reliance is providing me Cable Internet with Rj45 cable which does not fit into the line-in slot of Beetel...
  7. psiknight99

    Repeater/Bridge conundrum :S

    I recently bought a Netgear WGR614 router from Flipkart. I had plans to use my existing Beetel 450 bx1 as a repeater to extend my wifi till my drawing room which is far away from my bedroom. However that feature was missing in Beetel so I couldn't. I installed Netgear router in my bedroom along...
  8. R

    beetel modem does not work on desktop

    Hello frends, please help me with this...i hv a beetel 3g usb modem.but the mst peculiar thing is that it works properly on laptop but does not in any desktop. all the drivers are installed but the beetel connection manager jst canot detect the sim....sometimes it suddenly works and sometimes...
  9. panacea_amc

    Beetel MagiQ users anyone...

    hello, I am planning to buy a tablet within Rs 10K for the purpose of reading PDFs solely. Also, it should have a bluetooth option. I have zeroed into thie Beetel MagiQ model. Its pitfalls are resistive touchscreen and poor battery. please give ur feedback if u are using this tablet. Thanks.
  10. V

    Beetel Magiq

    Sire, I wanted to enquire about the tab beetel magiq. I hav following questions: 1. how can we connect usb devices to this tab, such as a pen drive. 2. Can we connect a cd rom to this tab in any way. 3. Can live tv be watched. If possible please suggest any tab in this range with a sim card...
  11. socrates

    Scoop: Intel-Beetel Working On A Smartphone!

    Scoop: Intel-Beetel Working On A Smartphone!
  12. ajayritik

    Cheap and decent Tablet PC

    Guys I was planning to buy a good Tablet PC on a limited budget. The maximum amount that I can spend is Rs 12k. I have seen some models like Reliance 3 G Spice Wespro Beetel All this are not more than 13k. Primary thing that it will be used for is browsing and playing videos/movies.
  13. D

    Beetel Magiq worth buy or not

    recently beetel launched it's new Tablet called magiq for 10k and i am looking forward to purchase it as the specifications are pretty impressive but still i want to know whether is it worth buying or should i drop the plan as the price is not too much as compared to other 7" Tablets available...
  14. A

    Wifi Router: Beetel 450 or Binatone DT 845W

    Hello friends, I need a little buying advice. I am moving from a wired to wireless mode of communication for the first time. I have two options Beetel 450 and Binatone DT 845W wifi routers available from Airtel. I tried searching a lot of the net but Google doesn't throw up relevant...
  15. C

    Beetel Boom 10000

    Hi i bought the beetel Boom 10000 today from a local shop, but i can't figure out how to connect the transmitter. The content of the package are the same as on this ebay link eBay India: Beetel Wireless Headphone with Mic Mike FM Cordless TV (item 150585859814 end time 02-May-2011 10:14:29...
  16. K

    Use beetel 450TC1 adsl modem as only a wifi router

    Hi Friends, I'm in a big need and so am resolving to ask the experts. I have a beetel 450TC1 (* ... l-firmware) on which my airtel broadband is configured. Now i have shifted to beam cable, which provided me only with a lan cable thru which i am able to...
  17. R

    beetel EDGE MODEM port forward

    guys i got this serious and annoying problem..i cannot forward my port using the beetel EdGE wireless USB i download torrents a lot i need to forward my port as i get a speed of only 10 kbps now but im sure if i forward it it can go to almost 25-30 if someone can post the...
  18. mobilogist

    alternative for beetel 220bx adsl2+ modem?

    hello friends, i have an old adsl2+ modem i.e. beetel 220bx with usb & ethernet ports each. now it stopped working. so i have to buy a new modem. :confused: please suggest me an economic modem so that i can use it with my airtel or mtnl delhi broadbands. thanks in advance. :)
  19. Drizzling Blur

    Passkey change for Beetel 440 Txi

    My pal uses Airtel Broadband and has a Beetel 440 Txi router, he wants to change the passkey, could some one help me about how to go with it ? The Passkey has not been lost, he just wants it changed.
  20. ECE0105

    Configure Beetel 220BX1 Modem for Dataone.

    Hi, A friend of mine, had an Airtel BB Connection, and had purchased a Beetel 220BX1 Modem from them. But now, he has switched to Dataone and was kind enough to gift me the Modem for use with my Dataone BB. I was however able to connect with the Dial-up kind of application, but I would...
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