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  1. hash!!

    disable beetel 220BXI router firewall

    hi! i have a beetel router... the one airtel gives with its broadband connections... it says Beetel 220BXI ADSL2+ Modem on the router.... problem is, that it has a firewall enabled by default, and when i access the router settings at, theres no option to disable it... and the darn...
  2. bajaj151

    Airtel Broadband Users....plz help

    I am not able to port forward my connection ....plz help me... I am using beetel 220 bx......999 plan.....New Del
  3. A

    How To Connect Adsl 220bx Beetel Modem

    iam using redhat 9.0 ,iam unable to configure my broadband modem {adsl 220bx beetel modem}, how to configure it via usb
  4. rollcage

    <Feedback on Beetel CB 55000 needed!!>

    no - ne here has beetel cb 55000 No one replied /// So mods you can trash it please..
  5. jain_pranav

    Airtel Beetel 220bx Modem

    I want to sell my airtel 220bx beetel modem. it is a blue colour modem which is just 5 months old. tell me ur price contact at pranav1991@gmail.com
  6. din4204u

    please help me selecting best modem for airtel ADSL

    guys i m using beetel 220bx adsl2+ for about 7-8 days and i download torrents at steady 22-25KBps at my home 999+ connection. but i want to change my modem to pure ethernet one.(just wanna use another modem).its not like that i m not satisfied with my current usb+ethernet beetel 220bx modem but...
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