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  1. T

    Bearshare Vs Azureus !!!! BIG Problem , help needed Urgent

    I Had been using Azureus for some time on my 2 Mbps connection and it had been running smooth with all uploads and downloads Now that recently I downloaded the latest Bearshare and started P2P on Gnutella too Now the big problem is when I am running either one of them keeping the other...
  2. aryayush

    A question about BearShare.

    Please have a look at this screenshot: This is the bar that is displayed at the bottom of the BearShare 'Downloads' screen. I want to know a few things about it? 1. There are three speeds on it. I suppose that (in this screenshot) the download speed is 160 KBPS, upload speed is 117 KBPS...
  3. aryayush

    Which is the BEST torrent client?

    Hello! I know that this question has no fixed answer and that if fifteen people reply to the topic, I'll probably be suggested twelve 'best' torrent clients! :P But anyway, can someone please share opinions about the client they use and what are it's merits? I use BearShare for filesharing but...
  4. aryayush

    How to schedule downloads in BearShare Pro?

    Hello! I purchased BearShare Pro today. It is a brilliant software. I had known nothing about P2P file sharing till now and suddenly everything is clear and easy... almost everything! Can someone tell me whether we can schedule downloads in BearShare to start at a particular time or not? If...
  5. karthik55859

    bearshare problem??? please help urgently

    hi everyone I am using bearshare pro 5.2.1 ,,, i am downloading some tv show of 1.3 GB itz downloaded 87% but now its showing previewing in red colour and itz not downloading if i pause,,it doesnt pause,,,i close and restart the application same problem i restarted my pc the same problem...
  6. A


    i use bearshare and ares lite...both r good....u can try them
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