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  1. Empirial

    Samsung fined for paying off trolls to bash HTC on the web

    HTC has enough problems right now and it doesn’t need to deal with paid trolls bashing its products in online reviews as well. The Associated Press, per Bloomberg Businessweek, reports that Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission has slapped Samsung with a fine worth about $340,000 for paying a pack of...
  2. shady_inc

    Linux Shell Scripting - bash: ELF command not found

    Hello.! I have a executable tbc stored at $HOME/abc/xyz/tbc.Now, if I try running the executable with ". $HOME/abc/xyz/tbc" or "source $HOME/abc/xyz/tbc", it gives a message: bash: ELF : command not found But if I first cd to $HOME/abc/xyz and then run"./tbc", it works just fine. What's the...
  3. nileshgr

    Bash Help Required

    Hi, I have a C++ program which simply reads and outputs a file. This output i need to be taken into a Bash variable. How do i do that ? Or there is any other method to get a file output into a bash variable using bash itself instead of the C++ program ? Its urgent!! :?:
  4. QwertyManiac

    A tiny bash issue

    Can someone tell me why my little script below (To switch the directory via BASH) does nothing on execution? #!/bin/bash cd /home/qwerty/Programs/C #abc.sh Here's my output: (Actually, its NOTHING) qwerty@qwerty-workstation:~$ ./abc.sh qwerty@qwerty-workstation:~$ I got no clue at all...
  5. D

    How to open url in dos shell?

    can any please help on this? & in bash shell too & also how to download files from dos & bash shell too thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!!
  6. praka123

    Can You Live without Terminal in GNU/Linux

    With most modern distros priding that no usage of Command Line is needed,Do you think is it True?I have my personal experience with many new comers that at some point of time with GNU/Linux,they need to use Terminal.I dont find learning and using Terminal as rocket science.even shells like Bash...
  7. devilzdad

    Need ur valuable suggestions......

    I have decided to give seminar on dis topic: " BASH scripting ". Time: 30 min I have decided to divide it into two parts. First part:Wat is linux (Ubuntu)?, The problems with windows, Advantages of linux, GNU project, GNU and linux together, Different flavors of linux and difference b\w...
  8. R

    bash colors and icewm themes

    I innstalled knoppix 4.0 to y hd and have folloeing problems: I wnna change color of prompt of my bash to green or sth else how to do it I use icew as my desktop manger but i am unable to use themes as the normal user only root is able to switch between various thees. :!:
  9. vignesh

    Bash script -- Hoary

    How do I write a bash script that will do the following . I will execute it in the root terminal in the Hoary live cd. 1.Change the root passwd . 2.Change the theme to default Gnome theme. 3.Change the background to a colour whose code I know. 4.mount a fat32 partition containing my music...
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