1. N

    In which digit issue was backtrack included?

    Please tell me which in digit DVD was backtrack included? Latest one should be preferred. Very important.... Please reply as soon as possible.
  2. ©mß

    How to install MTS Mblaze in Backtrack R3?

    I am using Backtrack with live dvd and want to install MTS Mblaze in order to access internet. But how do I install it in BT?
  3. emailvarunchandak

    installing Kali Linux over Backtrack

    hey guys, my current config is dual boot windows 7 and backtrack 5 r3. due to some changes, i will be now installing Kali Linux over backtrack. But I am not sure if the installation will hamper the Windows 7 boot. I need to replace backtrack completely (including the grub entry of it)...
  4. ratul

    Temperature control in BackTrack 5

    i recently installed BT5R3 in my external HDD, and now boots from it in my laptop, everything was running fine, until yesterday when i installed VMWare Player in Backtrack and ran Windows XP in it for about 15mins, after that when i rebooted the machine, i noticed that the laptop's base was hot...
  5. ratul

    BackTrack Reborn - Kali Linux.

    Looks like this year's backtrack iteration will have a huge overhaul, and will no longer be called "Backtrack", but will now be called "Kali Linux", taking inspiration from i think "kaali maa :P" An excerpt from Backtrack's website: An excerpt from Offsec's website: Official Website: Kali...
  6. S

    Backtrack LIVE USB

    Hi There, I am trying to use Backtrack 5 R3 from USB directly without installing it on PC.:-?:-?:-?:-? I tried a lot. But i cant. So pls help me out.:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(
  7. phantomfreak

    installing bt5 r2

    hello thinkdigit forum..can anyone help me out in setting up backtrack 5 r2 on a VIRTUAL BOX ??
  8. S

    backtrack 5

    In September issue of digit there was given back track 5,when i extract the zip file i got following file,now the question is that how run the backtrack 5
  9. sarathsnair

    Backtrack Thread

    I just want to start a Backtrack thread in this forum. It is the tool aimed at digital forensics and penetration testing use. Any related queries and informations can be posted here. now i am creating a bootable pendrive of backtrack and starting to use it can any one knows how to start with...
  10. nisargshah95

    How to boot Backtrack into GUI

    [SOLVED] How to boot Backtrack into GUI Hi guys, I'm using Ubuntu for a while and pretty familiar with linux. I burned a copy of backtrack into DVD and then ran it as a live CD. Every time I choose an option from the menu of live CD, it always leads me to the terminal. Can anyone tell me how do...
  11. CadCrazy

    Vista pwned via Linux in Just a Few Minutes

    Windows has never been an epitome of security and alternatives - the open source Linux and Apple's Mac OS X are considered superior in this aspect. However, Windows Vista was built as an apex of security compared to its predecessors. Featuring examples of technology as the Windows BitLocker...
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