1. narangz

    AutoCAD Architecture 2009 Released?

    Hello friends, I want to know if Autodesk has released AutoCAD Architecture 2009? Anyone uses it here? I want to learn it.
  2. B

    Problem with office xp.....???

    I recently bought a new computer with the following configuration - Core2Duo E4500 @ 2.2Ghz on an intel 945 based motherboard, built-in video, sound and lan, 1G of ddr2 ram, 200 Gb of SATA harddrive, 19" widescreen samsung lcd display and a 300W SMPS. It runs on WinXp SP2 and has NAV2005. My...
  3. aryayush

    Please help me with a notebook purchase - Rs. 50,000; needed for interior design.

    Hello! :) OK, I have a budget of around Rs. 50,000 and I need a notebook from any company. I need it for the purpose of interior design and it should run AutoCAD 2008 and 3DsMAX properly. There is no other requirement. Are both these applications fully compatible with Vista? Thank...
  4. A

    Barely used books 4 sale

    I have the following 2nd hand books 4 sale::D 1 Flash MX 3D Graphics Bible by Matthew David w/CD Orig. prc Rs 399/ 2 AutoCAD 2004 Bible by Ellen Finkelstein w/CD Original Price:Rs.499/ Both from Wiley Dreamtech. 3 AutoCAD 2004 for Engineers & Designers w/CD by Sham Tickoo Org...
  5. K

    Planning to buy a “Gadget” within the “Budget”

    hi, I am having some money with me[3500Dhs], Appr 42000/- INR, which i wud like 2 buy a “gadget”. Simply I don’t wanna make a “blind buy” , I want 2 buy some “gadget” which will help me 2 get some money back , So what comes 2 my mind is a “Laptop”,[eg: If i have Laptop , I can take...
  6. N

    Autocad 2007 Learner

    Hi Friends I Student Of Mech Engg I Bought Autocad 2007,but I Unable To Use, Because I Hve Very Little Knwlge Of Ac2007 Any Pls Give Me Any Learner S/w To Learn Ac2007
  7. M

    JPG to DWG????

    hey guys, i have got a JPG picture.Plz tell me how to view and edit it in Autocad 2000.Any converter for this purpose?
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