1. K

    upgarde sound card

    Hi, I have bought edifier s550. i have currently creative audigy value sound card. Should I upgrade the sound card to asus xonar dx to get max performance from s550 or current audigy is ok for me. if dx increases the performance than please tell me how much? mostly i would like to watch...
  2. digibrush

    what psu do i need?

    Hello Everyone, I am new here. I want to buy Ati 5770 graphics card and want to know which psu is enough for this card. I am using CM 460 watt real power pro 80 plus psu with core i3 2.93ghz, 2 HDD, 1 stick cotssair Ram of 2gb, Mobo dh55tc and 2 dvd writer. I have an audigy pci sound...
  3. O

    Suggest me a 5.1 sound card

    Dear Friends, Plz suggest me a good quality 5.1 sound card with Dolby Digital, DTS and all, within price tag of 2,500 INR. PCI Express x1 will do. Currently, I am using a Creative SB Audigy Value sound card. so, looking for something superior to that. plz recommend. Thanks in advance. Troy.
  4. S

    Creative Audigy 5.1 Sound Card

    Hi i'm trying to sell my creative audigy 5.1 soundcard bought 2 months ago, i am going to buy 7.1 speaker and soundcard so trying to sell it. No shipping price for kolkata. Price : Rs.1000
  5. shantanu

    Creative SB Audigy 7.1 for SALE

    hi everyone ! 3 months OLD Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 7.1 for SALE too :) expected price 900/- shipped :D Thanks Shantanu
  6. H

    Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE

    hi currently i'm running a Abit IP35-E mobo which has the Realtek ALC888 onboard audio chip.the spkr that i own is Altec Lansing VS2321 and i'm running them off onboard sound. I'm interested in buying a Creative SB Audigy SE and use this instead of the onboard sound. so cud u guys plz...
  7. vivekbabbudelhi

    a review of speakers and tv tuners

    I’m writing a small review of some pc peripherals …. I had decided to phase out Sony wega 21” crt tv from my bedroom………. ohh…….crts give a hell of a x-ray radiation so watching them from small distance is really hazardous for stretched periods…….and not to mention crts sold in INDIA...
  8. P

    Need soundcard for creative 5.1 speakers

    Hello all members I have decided to buy creative 5.1 speakers preferably creative inspire 5.1 T6060 or creative inspire 5.1 5200. which one should I buy? Along with them I want to buy a soundcard as my onboard soundcard is 2 channels. My pc is athlon xp 1800+ with via 266 with 256mb...
  9. P

    Sound Card

    I want to buy a sound card for my old Athlon XP 1800+ PC. My budget is around Rs. 1500. Could you guys recommend me some? Howz Creative SB Audigy SE 7.1...?
  10. T

    SMPS Query

    Currently i'm using a 300watt Zebronics SMPS ... my comp config is P4 3.2 on Intel 915 , 1.5Gb 400Mhz ram , 300x1 + 120x2 SATA Hdd , Creative Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro Soundcard , XfX GeForce 7600GT , Pinnacle PCTV , LG DVDwriter , Sony DVD Writer , Asus StarIce Cooling fan . I am thinking of...
  11. T

    Vista , Audigy & Tone

    I'm using a Audigy 2 ZS platinum pro soundcard with Vista Ultimate ... now the thing is that I cant configure the individual channels .. many tools like speaker calibrator dont work with vista .. i got the latest drivers from the creative website but still i cnt configure the speakers...
  12. gurujee

    Difference between creative SB live 24bit and Audigy value

    as i am going to have a soundcard, i am confused between creative soundblaster live 24bit and Audigy value. Creative site also haven't mentioned the comparision. anyone have ideas about it ??? and also is it wise to buy a SB 5.1 now as it is cheaper than the above two ?my requirement is for...
  13. T

    Soundcard Compatibility

    Im looking for a good mid-range soundcard .... round the Audigy Series .... the question is tht is the Audigy 2ZS or the Audigy 4 compatible with the new Windows Vista ? Cause i'm looking for a good one time invesment for the next 2-3 years~
  14. goobimama

    A Soundcard question..

    I am planning on buying the Logitech Z5500D speaker system. Now, my soundcard is the Creative Soundblaster Live! 5.1 which I think is pretty inadequate for the purpose. So I thought I'd upgrade to a better one. So, is the Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS good enough or do I need to go in for the ZS...
  15. R

    sound card with digital din

    hi i have purchased creative inspire 5700D excatly two years back from UAE at the time of its launch .i had also bought audigy with internal drive with it. after long use audigy is gone waste. it got some irrepairable problem. i want a 5.1 sound card which has a digital din. because if i...
  16. M

    audigy decision help....

    hai friends :) :) i have creative 5.1 inspire series speakers .my mother board is asus has its own sound card(6.1).but i am thinking of buying a new sound card.i heard about creative audigy . i dont know the rates in indian market.i heard that it produces 24 bit their...
  17. A

    inspire 5500 and audigy 2

    anybody know if the creative inspire 5500 are compatible with the creative sound blaster audigy 2? cnet says that they aren't, but they should be... TIA ajit
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