1. ::cyborg::

    AAAAAH HELP ME!!!!!!

    Guys i really want ur help i want to master c/c++ i also did them at a institute but it has been 6 months and i have forgotten all that.. reason is that i wanted a job too earlyand started working in a call centre and there was 0 practice of my coding. now i want to work in a...
  2. H

    Whats the difference between ASP & ASP.NET

    hey i need to update an ASP site.. and m searching got the tutorials of the same.. but while searchin for the same i game across ASP.NET.. and where ever i c i find the same.. so is there a ASP and ASP.NET..and if yes wht is it.. ??? i also chked the msdn site but it also contains the...
  3. G

    ASP.NET Machine A...

    I've got winxp with 2 ntfs formatted drives. Now when I looked in user accounts in control panel I saw a user a/c with the foll name ASP.NET Machine A... which has a passwrd set on it. I have not created any such user and neither do I have a passwrd set on my pc. The only other a/c I have is the...
  4. anilmail17

    mysql or microsoft sql server

    Somebody plz tell me that what is diffrence between MYSql server and microsoft sql server? Can i use mysql server instead of microsoft SQL server for my web applications?
  5. anilmail17

    ASP>NEt Tutorial

    HIi everyBody i need a ASP.NET tutorial(complete refrence) plz send me a link for this.
  6. iinfi

    HELP!!!Error while trying to run project. Unable to.........

    Error while trying to run project. Unable to start debugging on the web server.Access is denied. Would you like to disable future attempts to debug ASP.NET pages for this project? i get this error while debugging an "ASP.NET Web Application" under "Visual Basic Projects" i v logged in...
  7. P

    MS Visual Studio .NET && C# ???

    I don't have MS Visual Studio .NET , but I want to work on C# ....... is it possible without installing the former? Also, ASP.NET !!!
  8. S

    VB.NET, ASP.NET & C# books....

    Hi guys Can you please recommend some good books on VB.NET, ASP.NET & C# ? I would also appreciate if you would be able to indicate the books authors and if possible the price. Thanks
  9. T

    what is this .NET?

    Guys anyone with the remotest interest in computers today have heard of something called .NET. But very few know what this actually is. So I would like to place the following questions in front of the forum. 1. What is this .NET? What is it's importance in the software industry? 2. There are...
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