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  1. rhitwick

    Amazing murder plot, a true possible Sherlock Holmes villain

    THe more I read about this man's conspiracy details, I get amazed. Such planning and execution...wow! Bengaluru Techie, Arrested for Hoax Calls, Says He Killed Wife: Police Gokul?s five-year plan to do away with Anuradha and Jose - Bangalore Mirror (read in details here) So, I'll...
  2. R

    Microsoft !! Kills ASHA , Nokia X and Series 40 devices

    Microsoft kills off Nokia's Asha and Series 40, says new high-end Windows Phone handsets are coming soon Please comeback Nokia in 2016 :( :( ****** ******* MICROSOFT :evil: :evil: :evil:
  3. powerhoney

    Nokia bites the KitKat!!!

    Great news, guys!!! :-D:-D:-D I am hyper ecstatic for this!!! :hyper::hyper::hyper::hyper::hyper: I guess they finally realized what's good for them... Just wish that this could have happened before Micro$haft acquired them... :evil: Source: Nokia Normandy is reportedly a low-cost Android...
  4. varuog

    Budget Feature Phone for Messaging / Whatsapp

    Hi friends, Please help me suggest a good phone for my friend. His requirement as stated to me are: Primary use for calls/messaging and whatsapp (yes, specifically the whatsapp app). Good battery life. Durable and good looks are an added bonus. The lower the price the better it is. I can...
  5. S

    Nokia Asha 305 Memory Full after Software update!

    I have updated the firmware of my Nokia Asha 305 and now unwanted apps are installed due to which internal memory of the phone is very LOW! Anyone here know how to uninstall/delete the unwanted app from the phone's internal Memory? I want to free up the Internal Memory!
  6. R

    Nokia ASHA phone for MOM

    Hello can anyone please suggest some Nokia Asha phones within 4000Rs which i'm gifting to my Mom. Camera should be 2mp and should hold regular sim. Dont need expensive one just basic Asha or any other model.
  7. anmolksharma

    The Nokia Nostalgia and Review of Nokia Asha 306

    The Nokia Nostalgia and Review of Nokia Asha 306 The Nokia Asha 306 was launched in India around Q3 2012 at a price of Rs. 4000. Nokia Asha 306 is a single sim low med range smartphone featuring a 3” TFT resistive touch screen, 1 GHz single core processor, Wi-Fi enabled, SD card support and S40...
  8. TheLetterD

    Theme/Analog Clock for Nokia Asha S40 Device (Asha 206)

    Hello Im looking for a standby analog clock for my Grand dad's Nokia Asha 206. Can you tell me where can I find one? I want it to be a STANDBY/screensaver clock and not an app. Or maybe a theme which is neat(uncluttered) and has an analog clock screensaver? Ive tried looking in the Nokia Ovi...
  9. F

    Nokia Asha 210 Availability

    I want to buy Nokia Asha 210, its released but still not available. Any ideas what could be the reason ? And when would it be availble ?
  10. A

    Budget Phone

    Which one to go for? Nokia Asha 200 or Asha 206 or any other dual sim phone in this range?
  11. K

    Phone for sister in 7 to 10k

    Hey guys.....I wanna buy a mobile for my sister .she just want a touchscreen , camera 4 inch screen phone.... and also phone should be in white color :D should I buy used iPhone 3 or something else....if possible it should be android or wp sorry no asha or java....:)thanks again
  12. A

    Comparison between 3 mobiles among which I need to buy a one

    I have shortlisted 3 phones. They are Samsung metro duos C3352, Nokia Asha 205 & Nokia Asha 206. Please help me guys with your suggestions. Please mention the pros & cons & suggest which one will be better?
  13. T

    Best Mobile under 5000 in 2013

    I am planning to buy a mobile for my dad.. Looking for dual sim Battery Life Wi-Fi FM Recording Audio clarity I seen Asha 306,,, How about this ? Any good mobiles? Please suggest...Immediate purchase
  14. cacklebolt

    Nokia asha 311 review.

    Hello guys.. I am posting a review of my newly purchased standby phone, the Nokia Asha 311. Background: We had some old phones lying around at home which we wanted to dispose off.At the store , i liked the Karbonn A11 but my dad told me to avoid that. So we decided to buy this instead...
  15. Rockstar11

    Should i buy Asha 311??

    Nokia Asha 311 Rs.5,678 from homeshop18. My budget is strictly 5.5k any other option in this range?
  16. Cool Buddy

    Phone under 6k

    I want to buy a feature phone (not smartphone) for my dad around 6k. However the non-smartphone market has become very boring these days with very few models. Calling is the only use the phone will be put to with an occasional SMS or GPRS use. Touchscreen is not necessary but if it is there, it...
  17. W

    Want to buy Mobile Phone under 7k..

    I want to buy a phone under 7k INR... I searched for some mobiles and found some good phones like Nokia Asha 311, Nokia Asha 302. Tell me which of them is good, or any other suggestion.. I need touch screen phone or qwerty type phone. no numerical pad phone.. I'll use for watching vids...
  18. S

    CDMA phone under 7K!!

    Hi, >>I want to buy a CDMA phone in under 7K INR. Please suggest me a good one with touchscreen option. >>Also I want to ask if UMTS/WCDMA is same as CDMA 1X or not? Since WCDMA is available in Nokia asha 311, I'm not sure if I can use CDMA sim on this mobile. Please help.
  19. Renny

    Qwerty phone within 7K

    Hi, This phone is for my sister. Qwerty is a must and budget is within 7K. No Micromax, Karbonn and other similar brands. >We really liked the Motorola Fire which is available at Infibeam for 6.5K, however I've had bad things about Motorola's service. >Another preferred phone was the Asha...
  20. N

    Touchscreen phone within 5k with wifi.

    I am looking for a good touchscreen phone with wifi within a budget of 5k for my dad. I have considered Nokia Asha 306 as the best offer. It has a 3 inch touchscreen and also has wifi, and a new s40 asha OS. Please see the video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gInzItyjbX0 Please tell me if...
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