Budget Feature Phone for Messaging / Whatsapp


Hi friends,

Please help me suggest a good phone for my friend.
His requirement as stated to me are:

  • Primary use for calls/messaging and whatsapp (yes, specifically the whatsapp app).
  • Good battery life.
  • Durable and good looks are an added bonus.
  • The lower the price the better it is.

I can only think of Asha 210 at the moment as it has a good qwerty keypad + whatsapp functionality. But I am worried if whatsapp would work smoothly or will there be lags while using it ? Also, does whatsapp keeps running in the background and gives notifications or only when one accesses the application?

If any Asha 210 user in here, please give your feedback.
If there are any other options please suggest them too.


Cyborg Agent
Great. Bought a 206 2-3 months back for my friend's Dad, there was no support till the last time I checked - about a month ago.
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