1. anandk

    How To HIDE applets from the Control Panel.

    some of us may not want some applets (icons) showing in the control panel, for security or any reasons whatsoever. here is a small tut to show how to hide them. there are tools which do that, but this way u can hide any, manually. for example if u want to hide the 'Folder Options' applet...
  2. qarch

    Web site calculator applets

    There are many web sites with web pages which have calculator programs in the background (as applets) for doing calculations. An example can be seen at site "". When I saved the web page it also saved the applets (having .class extensions). In other similar...
  3. A

    Common Control Panel Applets

    The follow are some common Control Panel Applets that are located in the \windows\system32 directory. If you find yourself using any of these frequently, then you can simply make shortcuts to them on your desktop. appwiz.cpl - Add/Remove Programs desk.cpl - Display Properties...
  4. Charley

    Can Mozilla/firefox with IE6 be installed

    :idea: can i install mozilla/firefox with IE ..... My system is P133mhz, will it support it... Does it have all the applets and functions as IE 6.0 Pls provide me the link for dwnlod........... Tks
  5. B


    Can anyone suggest a game which can be written in java?? (no applets)
  6. C

    Java Programmers, help!!!!

    guyz, can someone please tellme how to print this on screen using java applets??? * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * i didnt gettit tho i tried :(
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