1. JohnephSi

    Problem with runnin firefox in my pc

    A dialogue box sayin 'i dnt hate mozilla firefox ...use ie or else ' pops up when i try 2 open firefox how do i solve this problem i hav tried antivirus @ spyware
  2. smile


    Can Any One Suggest Me A Free Good Antivirus To Download:)
  3. aQi_g

    Which is the best freeware Antivirus?

    I want to know which freeware antivirus softwares have all the features of all major security softwares like WINDOWS ONE CARE,NORTAN 360 etc?
  4. iinfi

    paid antivirus

    i m gona go for a paid antivirus for my home use. kaspersky is a good option. i want to know how i can make the payment. its website gives me the price in Dollars. sud i be making the payment in dollars or is there an india specific site? thanks
  5. a_to_z123

    How to Update Solo Antivirus offline?

    I've installed Solo Antivirus 2008 on my PC. The problem is I want to update it manually through definition files... I searched on their website but couldn't find them... Is it that it can't be updated manually??? Is it updated online only?? Plz tell me?? Thx in advance!!!
  6. G

    the best antivirus

    I have purchased a new laptop and it came with genuine windows vista home basic installed. Also it had the Nortan as the Protecting system, but now the subscription of nortam antivirus has expired. Hence I wish to install a new antivirus without paying anything. Can you please help me in...
  7. B

    Antivirus is Vista?

    Do i have to intsall antivirus in vista home premium? At Windows security centre,malware protection, it is written that windows do not find any antivirus in the computer. but spyware and malware is protected by windows defender. So which antivirus to use? is there any version of avg that will...
  8. G

    How to update?????????? Antivirus software without net

    how to update antivirus software without internet like i have use the avast antivirus how to update it i have download the update file from internet but there is no manually option to update it????????????
  9. JohnephSi

    Norton internet security 2007 VS Norton Antivirus 2007

    Norton internet security 2007 has an inbuilt antivirus program n Norton Antivirus 2007 is only an antivirus program. I would like 2 no dus installing Norton internet security 2007 mean we need not install an antivirus program .Wht is the differende of the Norton internet security 2007 antivirus...
  10. csczero

    How to ..... Pls its urgent

    Hi guys I have installed xp professional and other essential softwares like drivers antivirus in a Pc . Now i want to install same thing without going through same process again (like putting antivirus cd then drivers cds ) in 10 different pc with exactly same configuration at the same time...
  11. harryneopotter

    Anti virus for 5200/5300

    Hi friends ... plz suggest any good antivirus for Nokia 5200/5300 .. i.e. java application. Do S40 phones need antivirus as i use it for internet surfing using opera mini?? plz help asap ..... Thnx in advance.
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