1. Desmond

    Diablo 2 HD

    A countdown page for Diablo 2 HD has come up: Evil has survived Looks like my prayers are going to be answered in 45 days.
  2. nilanko

    BSNL BB 900 'really unlimited' plan

    Is there any BSNL BB plan having a monthly rental of Rs. 900 with 4 Mbps connectivity speed that never reduces to something lower after crossing any certain limit? I am asking this because, I'm am not exactly sure which plan I actually have ( :lol: ) ... I just answered "900 Unlimited" when I...
  3. A

    Beginner's Thread

    Beginner's Thread part-II Hai,My name is Aby James from Kerala.I am new to this forum.I am just a beginner in computer and technology.I am in budding stage only,so my questions may sound stupid. I thought I would create a single thread for all the questions i ask and keep updating with more...
  4. P

    Will I Run It? (Questions Answered Here!)

    If anyone has a doubt if he or she could run any game please ask here!
  5. gary4gar

    Building FAQ for repeated linux questions

    Hi all, I am bored by seeing & answering same queries over and over, so why not make a FAQ, out of existing answered questions. something like, but it will be bigger than this. what you guys say?
  6. S

    Ram porblem ! Plz help

    Hello frnds I have 256 mb ram in my system. I am saving money from 1 years to buy a 512mb RAM and make my system's RAm 756MB .But one of my frnds told me that having 2 rams with different space makes the system too slow.I am confused.SO i thought to get my question answered by experts. Plz...
  7. coolendra

    FIFA 2006 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Guys i am starting a new thread for this awesome game all ur queries will be answered here !!!!! Let The Game Begin !!!!!!
  8. R

    More than 2 Harddisk

    Hi, I want to know how to add more than 2 harddisk to a desktop pc. I dont knwo whether this question is answered in this forum. Please help me finding link otherwise.
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