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    All Licensed Merchandise Now In India : Headbangers Merchandise

    Hey guys just a small introduction about our venture, Headbangers merchandise started out in 2011 in an attempt to provide 100% licensed merchandise to metal music fans in india We were the First Official licensed metal music merch store in India and now After such immense support from our...
  2. Nerevarine

    The single best anime you have watched

    Thread title explains it, post your favourite anime of all time, (dont post 2nd/3rd favourites) For me Full metal alchemist brotherhood
  3. C

    FileBot-The ultimate tv renamer / subtitle downloader / sfv validator

    Just found this nifty tool.Helped a lot renaming my entire anime collection according to episode titles. All automatically with almost no user interaction.Give this a try. Also downloads subtitles by matching automaticaly. Description from sourceforge page. --FileBot is the ultimate tool...
  4. 6Diablo9

    Any Anime fans out there?

    It seems like lot of members here have their Avatar or Username after an Anime character. So are there any other anime fans out there. Btw those who don't know what Anime is it's ANimation made in Japan not to be mistaken with cartoons. Quote by Koby from Kametsu Forums So whats your...
  5. tkin

    Anime/Cartoon/Mangas Thread ~Giga Drill Breaker version~

    Hi guys, thread dedicated to all anime fans out there, post your all time favorite anime/cartoon shows and mangas here so we can all enjoy them. I'll start: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood(Anime+Manga) Bleach(Anime+Manga) Get Backers(Anime+Manga) Naruto(Anime+Manga) One Piece(Anime+Manga) Fairy...
  6. Worried From Bugs

    Get Full Anime Studio v5 for FREE

    Offer Page
  7. Goku DBZ

    Post the pictures of your favouriite anime

    Dragon Ball Z / Naruto / Others
  8. radonryder

    How many of you guys like anime?

    How many of you guys like anime?[This is not an CN/vs/whole of anime disscussion] How many of you guys like anime? If so which shows do you watch.... Im just curious how many people here are into watching anime...
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  10. S

    Query regarding Japanese Anime

    Where in india can one buy stuffs of japanese anime ? -^..^-
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