1. P

    Upgrading Android

    I have Asus ZenFone 2 laser ZE550kl with 2 gb ram 16gb rom snapdragon 410 1.2 Ghz quadcore processor. Should i upgrade it to marshmallow??
  2. N

    Need advice on Moto Z data transfer

    Recently, I purchased a Moto Z Force and plan to sell my old iPhone 5. The problem is that I don't know how to transfer contacts, messages and iTunes music to the new Moto phone. Any help would be great appreciated. Edit: After a few days research, finally transferred all my contacts as well as...
  3. G

    NEW ANDRIOD SMARTPH 25-27k.....

    m using currently Sony Xperia z...and i was so happy with i wanted to upgrade my ph..... 1) heavy use for videos,movies,surfing,games(coc,tennis,etc not heavy) 2) want really good camera. Z's front camera is pathetic want good upgrade over Z's camera. 3)want best ph...
  4. R

    which is the best android mobile under 15K ?

    i want a android smartphone under 15k which have good display,battery life, camera, lag free performance and no heating problem. please suggest me a good phone
  5. avinandan012

    Fallout Shelter

    Bethesda released a mobile game called "Fallout Shelter" during its Fallout 4 show. It is currently released on iOS. Android version coming within 4 months :cry: :-x. Player will play as vault oversheer. It's a fun game to play. It's free-to-play and no internet connection required during...
  6. H

    [Andriod Phone] [Budget Upto 24k]

    Aiyo People, 1. Budget 15-21K 2. Display type and size 4.5'' - 5'' 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip Bar 4. Preferred choice of brand Sony, Motorola, HTC, Samsung, Nokia (forgot it aint got andriod and normandy is far.) , LG 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad, touch-n-type)...
  7. R

    6 months from now Windows or Andriod

    With windows 8 windows really stepped up their game & Andriod is having troubles with security Within the next 6 months (I guess) windows is gonna launch Windows 9(or whatever they call it) & the driods will launch KLP what to you guys think will windows be able to start to compete will...
  8. J

    Best Android phone (ICS) around 8k?

    Hi! Which is the best Android phone, preferably ICS, around 8k? I searched for good phones from Samsung, Sony, HTC, etc. Finally I heard about the Karbonn A9+ which is supercool in terms of configuration. But I'm really doubtful about that brand. Anyone who knows, please give ur suggestions...
  9. D

    Budget Andriod Phone to Tether

    Hi All, I am looking for budget andriod smartphone specially for tethering or creating wifi spot. I will be using it to connect my nexus 7 and laptop. I am not concerned about other phone functionality. Just need a phone with good hardware to support tethering. Thanks in advance Deeprav
  10. G

    Need Andriod Phone -- Large Display

    Hi, I am in need of a Andriod Phone (Strictly Androids only) Budget: Around 20k can extend by max 22k NOT A PENNY MORE :-( I want the biggest possible screen size phone in this range. Main Use is Camera. Secondary Use would be moderate gaming. Currently the following phones are under...
  11. X

    Andriod phOne under 15k

    SHould be andriod, should hva touchscreen. Suggestions?? right nw the only choice i hav is xperia mini
  12. T

    andriod game running problem

    hi to all, please help me on this. I have bought a mts livewire andriod set which is a zte model. it has 2.8 inch low resolution screen. probablly 320*240 .i have found problems running some games as they do not fit the screen. is it for low resolution?how to solve this problem. I am a newbee...
  13. socrates

    HTC looking to buy own mobile OS

    Rumours of planned MeeGo buyout gain pace. HTC looking to buy own mobile OS | News | TechRadar UK When Andriod gained market share there was hope that many manufacturers would dump their old OS's & embrace Andriod but now it looks like it's 'back to square one' :( What do you think?
  14. Bhav

    Buy a Andriod phone

    1> Camera 5.0 Mp or 8mp with flash 2> Color 16M 3> OS Andriod 2.2 4> Screen 4" 5>Slide QWERTY keypad budget is 30k
  15. C

    Need Andriod phone

    Hey guyz !!!! lookiing for andriod phone around 20 K with following specs 1> Camera > 5.0 Mp with flash 2> Color >=16M 3> OS >=Andriod 2.2 4> Screen >= 3.5 got Xperia X10, Samsung 9003i,Motorola Defy in mind . Any suggestions ????
  16. P

    Suggest a phone.

    I need to buy a phone. I can spend upto 17k and can extend my range to 18. I can use a large display(specially a rough one) and powerfull processor(specially for phone gaming) and a good cam. :D I would also appreciate loud speakers and GPS,3G,wifi goes without saying. I did a lot of...
  17. A

    andriod phone

    hi i wud like to buy an andriod phone. ihave short listed a few samsung galaxy i7500 samsung galaxy i5700 spica htc tattoo i prefer i7500. is it a good choice. my budget is 14000 how is i7500 battery life(if wifi is used for 2 hours and gps for 3hours daily?) :smile::smile::smile:
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