1. topgear

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha - is a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl mod released on Apr 25, 2014. No you don't need the original game as It's a standalone full free game for all veteran stalkers to enjoy. For Source, Download and more : Here's...
  2. D

    What could be the next best zombie survival game we've been waiting for..?

    Most of the zombie survival games are in alpha stages and are far from final release.. Some of the projects are really promising.. All we ask for is a in depth and somewhat realistic survival game with a blend of pve and pvp aspects. Which game do you think could meet the promises ? 1. Dead...
  3. F

    Which game is this ?

    I found this wallpaper in this months Digit Alpha DVD. Which game is this ?
  4. NoasArcAngel

    An Official Alpha Release WITH Kernel Source? Who Does This Sort of Thing? - All Heil Sony.

    i mean, seriously ? wtf.... its really "baap ka maal" stuff that sony is doing. kudos to Sony and my next phone is a ****ing xperia :D :D :D :D An Official Alpha Release WITH Kernel Source? Who Does This Sort of Thing? – xda-developers
  5. debarshi

    Buy new cabinet within 3.5 k

    I want to buy a new cabinet withing 3.5k I am confused b/w the following... 1. CM Elite 431 2. NXZT Gamma 3. Bitfenix Merc Alpha Which one should I go for?? Do you have any other suggestions??
  6. sandynator

    Need best Android phone below 13000 INR

    Hello Guys my cousin is planning to get his first android phone so need your expert advice. Yesterday he was at Alpha to get Samsung Galaxy ACE but I convinced him to wait till Sunday. Budget : Strictly under 13k INR He won't go in for Rooting, Custom Roms & other mods...
  7. J

    Need new cabinet ~2.5k

    My current cabinet(A crap frontech xeon) is resulting in overheating of my components. I am planning on buying the bitfenix merc alpha. Now the thing is I have an amd 785g based board from msi(MSI 785G-E53) and the cpu socket is a bit to the right. Is the back panel opening of the merc alpha...
  8. foxymoron

    Preview and Feedback [February 2012]

    Tech Culture Special Get Cultured, Get Cool In this age of internet sensations and viral everthing, if you're not a part of geek culture you're uncool CES 2012 A glimpse into the future of tech from the world's largest technology expo devworx special Virtualized Storage on Windows 8 Tips...
  9. gdebojyoti

    Problem with alpha DVD

    Hello, I am a Digit subscriber. I received this month's issue on December 7. Everything is okay except the "alpha DVD". Whenever I try to copy the setup files of 'Adobe Master Collection CS 5.5' to my hard drive, the copying stops in the middle and displays an error: "Data error (cyclic...
  10. stonecaper

    BrainWavz Alpha: Just a Kid out of Puberty

    Introduction: Brain Wavz Alpha (will be referred to as BWA from now on)Is Brainwavz's Ultra-budget iem strictly for The "Bought a new iPod but the bundled earphone is sh1t and i need a cheap new one" Kind of people.I was Bored with my m9 So i decided to try a new one.Boy,It certainly got me...
  11. krishnandu.sarkar

    BRAINWAVZ Alpha At Around $7

    Check BRAINWAVZ Alpha IEM Earphones PREORDER [Brainwavz-Alpha] - $9.50 : MP4 Nation!, :: Low Priced MP4, MP3 Players and the latest scoop on the newest MP4 Player It's selling for $9. But using coupon would make it $7. Got the information from another forum, thought of sharing it here too...
  12. leo61611616

    Official Wolfram Alpha Android App

    Wolfram Alpha has released an official Android app. Wolfram Alpha is a computation knowledge engine, that calculates answers to complex scientific and mathematical problems in an instant. The app brings the power and sophistication of the Wolfram Alpha website to the Android platform...
  13. amitabhishek

    Anyone using new Knowledge search engine : Wolfram Alpha

    Read on... Source Source This new site attempts to catalogue as much as world information as possible. Its search results will shock regular Googlers because Wolfram Alpha’s usefulness depends entirely on what you ask it.
  14. Phantom Lancer

    Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic koala

    Hi guys, Heres the schedule for the next iteration of Ubuntu - Karmic koalas . Alpha 1 May 14th Alpha 2 June 13th Alpha 3 July 23rd Alpha 4 Aug 13th Alpha 5 Sept 3rd Alpha 6 sept 17th Beta Oct 1st Release candidate oct 22nd Final release oct 29th - courtesy Ubuntu forums
  15. topgear

    The First $100 Android Netbook

    The First $100 Android Netbook but now it's $250 Source :,7598.html The 100 dollar netbook is called Alpha 680 Here are the specs :
  16. A

    Office 14 alpha screenshots

    Russian site Wzor has leaked some screenshots of the Office 14 alpha build that was handed out to select testers this week. The build is pictured below installed onto Windows 7 and it doesn't appear like the UI has been overhauled yet and remains very similar to Office 2007. screenshots...
  17. F

    Various Components

    i will be upgrading my pc very soon . so wanted to see if i can offload some of my second hand stuff ;) components up for grabs motherboard intel 965 ryck - 2k this mobo can support processors upto c2q Q6600 processor intel pentium D dual core 2.66ghz - 2k (can be massively...
  18. Dark Star

    Release Schedule of upcoming major distro

    Hi All Development in Linux never stops , sometime it amaze me how devoted these guys are.. Just after their new release they plan for another release :P So here is a thread which will list the release schedule of upcoming major Linux OS.. Mandriva Spring 2009.1 Mandriva Linux 2009.1 Alpha...
  19. The Conqueror

    Mozilla Firefox 3.1 Alpha 2

    Download: Mozilla Firefox "Shiretoko" 3.1 Alpha 2 For Windows Download: Mozilla Firefox "Shiretoko" 3.1 Alpha 2 For Linux Download: Mozilla Firefox "Shiretoko" 3.1 Alpha 2 For Mac
  20. K

    Need a cabinet!

    I need a cabinet and psu for my pc price limit 7-8k. i hav - intel q6600 asus P5N-E SLI xfx 8800 GS alpha dog edition 3 GB ddr2 Ram 2 Sata-2 drives(750+160GB) Sony DVD writer
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